Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Newsy Letter

Okay, so I'm not super happy that you want newsy letters, but I'm sure I'll be happy that I did once my memory starts to fade....

So yesterday, we had lunch at the church before an auxiliary meeting (Where we only stayed for the first 5 minutes or so to give a little presentation), and I ate dinuguan, which is pig-blood sauce that you put over rice. It was good!! A little bit spicy, which was perfect. The clumps of pig blood were a little weird. They think we Americans are crazy for not using the blood of the pig. They look at it as such a waste.

So yeah, it used to be bawal (or against the rules) for missionaries to eat it, but our new mission president, President Barredo, tells us to use wisdom in what we eat. But there isn't any forbidden foods outside the word of wisdom. I also remember that Papi gave me a father's blessing before I left, in which he blessed me with wisdom to know which foods to eat. So I try to use my wisdom.

Speaking of food. Sister Aloc and I both love experimenting with food, so we've had a healthy week of eating. Her family has a long history of "high blood" and diabetes, so I think she has extra motivation from that to eat healthy. She is also a runner! Hopefully we'll go running soon, especially since this is a safer area.

One thing that everyone says here is how tall my nose is. And, I'm not lying, I have gotten so used to looking at all the Philipinos with flat noses that sometimes when I look at myself in the mirror, I go "Uh! My nose!" It really is so pokey. Even in America...

Sister Aloc is such a great companion. One morning I found cat vomit on my shoes...but before I could get to them, Sister Aloc cleaned them for me!

Sister Aloc is also reaaaally cheesy. She always says things like, "I feel like I'm in the prime of my mission, tungod ara si Sister Marriott." Or because you're here.

Hahaha! She's crazy. But we have fun. 

Chatty enough for you, Mom? 

Sister Aloc and I are really trying to focus on finding. May kulang pa kami sang mga investigators. We have been studying PMG about finding, and I've found that really helps. I remember that Elder Oaks said that we need to be fishers of men the whole day, not just in lessons. We need to see people on the streets as prospective inhabitants of the Celestial Kingdom.  

I have really felt that we have to rely on the Lord. Miracles happen every day. It's wonderful to see that the Lord can work through us.

Love (and praying for) you all,

Sister Marriott

Monday, July 20, 2015



You want more chatty emails??? I don't know how to small talk..... haha

Okay, so this area is more well to do. There is one area that is sometimes referred to as the "squaters area," but it is more well to do than some of the nicest places in Bago. Haha. Although there are poor people here too. 

I ate squid adobo this week! Haha. Sister Aloc was afraid that I wouldn't like it. I did. Squid is....gummy, but is empty on the inside, so really you're eating a chewy tube. It was fun! 

Sister Aloc is a graduate from BYU Hawaii in business. We've had a lot of fun and spiritual experiences. In our mission, we begin companionship study by singing a hymn. This morning we sang #44 Beautiful Zion. Afterwards she commented that while we were singing it was as if there were angels in the room. I said to her, "Siguro!" Which means "probably."

Ahh....I'm almost out of time already. Ah!! I'm so sorry. 

Sister Marriott

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New Area

My family!

I am writing from Bacolod. I got transferred today to Alijis. My new companion is Sister Aloc, a native. We are opening an area! Other missions call that whitewashing or shotgun, but we just say opening an area. Sister Aloc is super nice and positive and smiley. She trained after three months. And now this is both our second area! We've already been on an adventure trying to find our way around since we are both new here........But we already have a motto: "Lantawon naton." Or it means, "We'll see." Because we're always asking each other questions, and we don't know the answers. So we just say, "We'll see." 

I found out I was transferring yesterday at about 3:30pm during our companionship study after church. 

I did not sleep well last night. My mind wouldn't let me forget that I was transferring. I loved Bago!! That's funny to me. I slept fine the day before I entered the MTC and even the day before we flew to the Philippines. But not last night. I don't know if I even really fell into a deep enough sleep to really be called sleep. But I'm excited giapon! I know that the Lord can work miracles anywhere. 

But this week in general has been one of personal revelation. I have really been trying to understand the Atonement and how I can use it in my life. Also I've been focusing on relying on the Spirit. It's been a really fast week. I thought: Time flies when you are being spiritually fed." But then I changed the sentence to be: "Time flies when you are feasting on the word of Christ" because I didn't like the passiveness of the sentence. We are never fed. WE are the ones who eat. It is not enough to sit at the table (go to church, be in the mission-field, etc), we have to do the eating in order to be spiritually filled. Yet Christ is the one who changes us. 

I also found a lot of comfort from John 15 where the Lord calls his disciples his "friends." I think I've always thought of myself as a mission as a servant of the Lord, but it really takes a whole new perspective to think of myself as the Lord's friend. He trust me with so much! The condescension of God really is so great! He has all power, but He lets us poor mortals be His representatives.

Out of time already! 
Love you all!!!!

Sister Marriott

Monday, July 6, 2015

New Mission President

Akon hinigugma nga pamilya,

The Supreme Court did what???

The girls' play sounds so fun!! Wow. I miss acting. How crazy fun. 

On Thursday we got to meet our new mission president, President Barredo. He is a native of Bacolod. He talked to us about being celestial missionaries and turning to our Heavenly Father first with ALL of our concerns. He asked us to write in our journals about what we learned from the Spirit, not about what was said. The Spirit taught me that I need to self-evaluate often...and step up my language learning. I did both in the next day's personal study. 

The mission address is on my blog...I don't have it with me right now, but the address on my blog is correct. I got two letters this week, one from Gordon and the other from David. Another sister from America got a package from LBC, which I told you about last week, apparently it's in Utah too...? But she said they both usually take two weeks and LBC is more expensive, so best just go through the good ol' US postal service. 

But apparently mail sent from here to America is not so reliable since Natalie has still not received the letter I sent 3 months ago......So I'm thinking I'm going to wait until I transfer to send my other letters since maybe it's just the post office here? Ambot lang. But so far I've always received mail through the mission office. The office elders here are pretty good about getting it to us. Sister Black (I think that's her name?) from Beaver sent me a visiting teaching message a while back! It made me smile. That is some dedicated visiting teaching!! 

I think Lizzy is a bit young for a phone....I always remember how I was embarrassed that I didn't have a phone for the longest time. It wasn't until I was 17 and over my embarrassment that I got a phone. But yeah, it's fine if she uses my phone. No complaints there. It's just my clothes I mind.....just kidding, not really.

Have you heard from Stasia lately? Here past emails have been so fun to read. I love that she's in another country too!

You want to hear more about food and culture and landscape? Well the people here eat rice. The sud-an, or what they eat with the rice, really depends on what the families income/work is. Because if you work in the talumnun, or rice field, your income is often....rice. If you sell fish for a living, your sudan is fish. If you sell vegetables for a living, etc.... There are a lot of middle men here. The fishermen fish, sell to people on the shore, and then those people go to the market and sell the fish at a higher price. Same for vegetables, etc. 

There is also MSG in everything! I try not to eat anything with it, but if it's from a can, bag, or box it usually has MSG in it. That's how people cook. They have little packets of flavoring....the first ingredient sodium, the second MSG, of course. Not real cooking. It's a shame really.    

It has been raining like crazy here! We are always wet! Typhoon Ikay is the name of the bagio or storm. It is supposedly supposed to get worse. We don't have flooding in our house, but a lot of the houses here have water inside. It feels like a very wet Washington day in the Fall. 

I love you all so much!
Sister Marriott