Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Enthusiastic Reverence


So this week was great! As I said last week, President Russel M. Nelson visited us. It was great. He spoke about the Savior. It was wonderful to hear his special witness. He is an expert in the scriptures and also very skilled in Latin, Greek, and Hebrew. He knows his stuff. I felt the Spirit very strongly. Actually, after he left, all of us missionaries were extremely quiet (especially since there are almost 200 of us) and there was just a wonderful reverence before and after he came. I felt that the Spirit was more accessible to us because we were reverent. Sister Nelson actually commented on our reverence and said that the picture was taken faster and smoother than any other mission before, and she attributed that to our reverence, but she also added that it was an enthusiastic reverence. I wrote that down. Enthusiastic reverence. It is a good state to be in.

We had two baptisms this week. Sister Pascual and Brother Wencesloa. Remind me in your next email to send you pictures. A lot of people emailed me this week, so I don't have a lot of time to write. Sorry. Next week na lang. Brother W is 82 years old and super strong! He is reading the Libro ni Mormon super fast considering that he is old and doesn't have great health or eyesight. But he prays so sincerely.

SisterPascual has been coming with her aunt to church regularly since September. We had to really focus on her Libro ni Mormon reading in order for her to really be ready. Also she stopped occasionally drinking coffee. Going to church is not the only qualification for baptism. See D&C 20:37.

By the way, sorry about the spelling mistake last week. I realized as we were going home that I spelled the brake of a car as "break." Wow. But I know that's probably only one of the many grammar mistakes of mine. That's what happens when you don't speak English for over a year. But it's comforting to know that my Ilonggo improves as my English gets worse.

Love you all! Happy Birthday, Peter!! Start sending me your letters so Mom doesn't have to forward them....please?

Mom, I found out that my last transfer is on August 3, 2016. So...I guess that means you need to ask Bishop if he could move the date for our homecoming talk.

Love you all again. and again. and forever!

Sister Marriott

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Elder Nelson, Language and Noises

So the whole mission is really excited right now because President Nelson is coming to visit us this Thursday! I've been trying to prepare a question for him and for the Spirit. Have any suggestions? Not that I'll be able to read your answers before the conference, but it's a good question to ponder. Actually PMG suggests that as a possible question to ask. If the prophet were here, what would you ask him? That's triggered a couple good responses from investigators.

Speaking of questions, Mom, I don't think I got around last week to answering your questions. Here we go:

How are your language skills progressing? I thought I would get to the point where I would understand every single word. Not yet.... I still write down words that I hear but dont understand every. single. day. Samples from this week:

front room of a house: "sala" (long a)
missing each other as in they just left and you just got there: "lamposana,"
break (in a car): "prino"
lose your voice: "paos"
iron: "sakal,"
in style/contagious/the thing right now: "uso"
tide: "taog"
move an object: "tulod."

Well, that was useful for me and Adam and KRISTEN. Hi, Kristen! ;)

Kristen is Sister Read. She and Sister Tangonan are already home! The environment of our apartment is different without them but okay man giapon. Sister Camo and Sister Fa'alogo are really fun. Sister Camo and I were neighbors in Bago and went on exchanges all the time.

We were hopefully going to have a baptism this week, but it was cancelled the night before because she got the flu. :( Next week na lang.

Second question:

What are noises that you hear? We hear a lot of noises like jeepneys and tricycles and people going by. We hear insects and lizards and the noises that strong wind makes when it hits houses and people and trees. Actually this week as we walked to our farthest area, the wind was really strong, and even though it wasn't noisy because we were just walking through fields, it was hard to talk to each other because the wind was just carrying out voices away.

I am already out of time!
Love you all!

Sister Marriott

A Great Week

 Loved ones,

This week was great! We had a wonderful baptism at the river of Ivan Pudadera. He is one of the fastest of all my converts to get baptized. We extended a baptismal date to him on January 1 (our first lesson) for February 6. He was actually baptized a day before that on February 5 because of scheduling. He's the best! We hope to also baptize his friends and family members. He's already been inviting people to church and his sister and her kids came to church twice already! Then on Sunday he already paid his tithing! We found him struggling to understand how to fill out the English tithing slip. He gave the BEST testimony ever after his baptism and then again in fast and testimony meeting yesterday. 

He told us he had a dream four times in which there were two women who wanted to teach him. In his dream he was confused because he already graduated school; what were they going to teach him?? Haha. Sister Anunciado and I are those two women. :) 

A missionaries life is a lot busier when there are baptisms. It's kind of crazy sometimes getting everything together, but totally worth it! 

Sister Read and Sister Tangonan moved out earlier today. They will be flying home on Wednesday. We will miss them. 

Love you all! 
Sister Marriott

Monday, February 1, 2016

Sister A!

Loved ones,

What am I grateful for? I am grateful for Sister Anunciado! We had a choir practice earlier today where we practiced for a conference (at which President Russel M. Nelson will probably attend) on the 18th. When we were greeted by other missionaries, there were several who shook my hand, looked at me meaningfully, and asked,

"So how's training?"

Training is great!! She is a strength to me. I love her insights. She is so sensitive to the needs of others. For example, we have one old gentleman who is an investigator of ours. Despite being 82 years old and having a swollen foot that keeps acting up, he has been to church three times in a row now! During gospel principles class, Sister Anunciado noticed that he didn't seem to appreciate the overhead electric fan. So we turned it off. That's only one of the many times where she has noticed the needs of others! She is very much concerned and observant of others, which I love about her.

I also very much appreciate the soft but important messages that often arrive when I pray. So many times things are brought to my remembrance or I am prompted to do something as or directly after I take the time to say a prayer. Prayer should not only be time where we speak but where we also listen to Him.

Love you all! Keep doing what you're doing.
Sister Marriott