Learning So Much

Hi Nanay!
While writing me a letter through DearElder.com, Natalie found out that it is free while I'm in the MTC, so keep them coming!

I hardly know how to start this week. It went by sooo fast! I am learning so much! Mostly spiritually this week, while last week was more language that anything else. Probably my favorite part of this week was TRC. It's when members who speak Ilonggo (mostly RMs but also one Philipino lady) come and are taught by us. 20 minutes each, which flew by! Almost like visiting teaching. Except in Ilonggo. It was great because Sister Lewis and I had just been talking that same day about how it has been hard for us to feel the Spirit when 1) we are stumbling over our words and 2) we can't understand anything that the investigator is saying. But, in TRC we were stumbling over our words and having a hard time understanding them, but the spirit was super strong! It was great! We only have one more TRC with real life people, and then we just skype with people in the Philippines...which I'm kinda bumbed about. Skpe isn't the same as real live contact. 

The temple today was by far the best temple experience I've had so far.I've been thinking a lot about the Atonement and the Plan of Salvation and have received a lot of cool insights. It's amazing how many of my own questions I think of when I am about to teach something. I mean, my questions are about things that are beyond the scope of the missionary lessons. But still. Teaching the lessons has opened my mind to my own questions. Poor Sister Lewis--she is so full of faith, and I think sometimes she worries about me when I ask the questions that I do...and also might be a little frustrated because she doesn't have the answers. 

I also ran into my old RS president, Heather, (from my ward at Allred) at the temple. She was walking out just as we were entering the temple That was great.

Lizza's haircut looks great!! 



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