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I'm back in France!

Dear family and friends, 
This has been a great week. We did a lot of trying to stop by less active but it would turn out the addresses weren't correct. But we also had a couple really great lessons. On Thursday we had a lesson with Reme. She is so amazing. We taught her first about prayer and the plan of salvation. She told us that before she met the missionaries she had a dream where she met the sister missionaries and came to church. She said when she met the sisters she felt like she knew them already and when she came to church it all seemed familiar and then she remembered her dream. She is the most humble person. She asked so many questions. They were somewhat tricky questions but they were the best because she was asking them simply because she wanted to understand. She asked why baptism is important, if we would recognise people we know after death, if there is such thing as hell, what we do if we sin after baptism, etc. She told us that in her previous church her minist…

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