Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Peter and Tessa will be speaking on August 14 at 9:00 am at 15 N. 100 W. in Beaver.

Come if you can!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Don't Want to go Home!


So I finished packing last night (yeah, mom, I did leave a lot of my clothes behind). Then I tried to sleep....yeah I couldn't sleep. Don't take it personally, but I don't want to go home! :( I will miss everything about my mission. I have loved being companions with Sister Infantado. She is one of the Lord's elect missionaries. Love her to pieces.

So we had a baptism on Saturday of Elaidya (pronounced sort of like Elijah). She is the daughter of a less-active member who is in the process of returning. She [Elaidya] is always the earliest of everyone except Bishop at church every Sunday. That is one of my favorite kind of people. The kind of people who simply aren't members because they know not where to find it. But once they find it, they're always there.

I have nooooo time. Everyone decided to write me on my last Monday. Hahaha! Love you all.

Sister Marriott

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Breaking Heart

Sorry, I just spent a lot of my computer time writing up another conversion story. It is about Julieta, Jurex, and Mariel. They were all baptized on Friday, confirmed yesterday. I love them so much. I could write forever about them. Not. Enough. Time.

But do you remember the Palina family?? My email last week about Charie? Yeah, that family. Their dad, Jerry, died yesterday morning. My head still feels dry from crying with them yesterday. We went to their house right after church. The moment I took the hand of his wife, Charina, the tears started flowing. It was hard to see their suffering. Their youngest, Jericho, is about 5 or 6 years old. He was a little slow in realizing that his dad died. He saw his dad lying there, not moving. He told his mom,

"Ma! Give dad some milk to drink, Ma!" His mother only said faintly, "Later..." Jericho returned to eating his food. He heard the neighbors say, "Well, Jerry died. He just couldn't handle his asthma anymore." 
Jericho stopped eating, "Papa died??" When his mother confirmed that yes indeed his dad was dead. His appetite for the food which he had just been eating so hungrily completely left him. He stopped eating and was silent for several minutes.

MY HEART IS GOING TO BREAK FOR THEM! I just can't get over it. 

But my heart was gladdened when I read the email you forwarded to me, Mom! 

Love you all! 
Sister Marriott

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

More Effective and Efficient


So this week was fairly normal. We are stoked for some upcoming baptisms and full of hope for a few new families that we're teaching.

Sister Infantado continues to cough. We both keep praying that she'll get better.

Last week in companionship inventory, Sister Infantado and I talked about teaching lesson one. I wanted to shake things up a bit. Well, we got out answer at MLC! The new APs gave training on how to teach the whole lesson one in the very first sitting. Usually, we teach it in two lessons, or sometimes three lessons. Principles 1-3, 4-6 (or 1-6), 7-8. Usually we do it so that we can really get them to understand and also because their attention spans are not very long. But the APs trained that teaching it in one lesson will actually make the message make more sense. They taught us a more effective and time efficient way. Just what we needed. We've been trying it out with some of our new investigators. So far, so good!

Sorry for the shortness of the email. But I gotta go! Love you all!

Say Hi to Peter when he gets home!!

Sister Marriott

Monday, July 4, 2016

Sick Comp


This is Peter's last week in the mission??? Wow. Where did time go? Good luck this week Pedro! Padayon hasta sa katapusan!

This week was a lot more rough for Sister Infantado as it was for me. She has been sick with the flu starting Wednesday night until now. Right now I think her fever is under control, but her cough is pretty bad. We traveled early this morning to Bacolod and she just finished her Engish test a few hours ago. All of the Filipinos take English tests around 6 months before they go home so they have a certificate which can help them get good jobs. Oh yeah, and her one year mark in the mission was yesterday. Poor thing! She said it might be an omen that she was sick on her one year mark. :( Hopefully not. Everyone is worried about her because she is super skinnier and getting even skinnier. But I'm a witness that she eats food! She's a great cook and loves to eat as well (We get along great, needless to say). She's just a little bit too skinny. I'll include a picture of her.

Notwithstanding her being sick, we worked everyday. The culture in our mission is if you are able, work. If you absolutely cannot, rest.

Again, we had miracles occur. We had a (former) investigator come to church that we hadn't even met before!

We have MLC again tomorrow! I am so excited! I love MLC. It's like general conference every month.

There's this guy across from me in the computer shop right now who is playing chess....hahaha! Peter.

This week we had an investigator who doesn't believe in resurrection. So I studied about that this week. In our lesson with him, we explained to him about resurrection, using verses in 1 Cor 15. I felt that he knew that his belief / what he's been taught in his church, is unbiblical. But I also felt he didn't really believe what his pastor has been telling him. (His pastor teaches that the righteous will "rupture" and live in heaven as spirits only and the wicked will remain on earth, dead. Hm.)

But then we felt to share to him about prophets. We explained everything as usual. He kept quoting Ephesians 4:5 "one Lord, one faith, one baptism." We used that to explain the following verses 11-13 which says that the Lord gives prophets, apostles, etc. "for the perfecting of the saint, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: Till we all come in the unity of the faith...." When we shared that, I saw by his facial expressions that we had really given him something to think about. Hope that message really sinks in. We asked him to pray to know. Hope he does!

It was great timing because we were last minute invited to attend a very small funeral for a three year old member who had died. I was called on to give a talk. The studying that I had done for the investigator above, really helped me give a better than average, albeit short, talk.

Love you all!! Have a great week!
Sister Marriott

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Three Instead of Two!


Do you remember I said we would be having two baptisms this week? Well a miracle happened, and it ended up being three!! :D I have attached the pictures. Jaykie and Rena Den Palina with their siblings, who are still investigators, and Eddielyn Katalbas, with her husband (member), their son, and her mom (still investigator). We are so happy for them!

Sorry, I sent that email too early. Haha. Oh well. Here are the official conversion stories that we send into the mission. See them attached.

I love them so much! We are so excited for all three of them. I know that they made the right decision. I have been pondering how glad I am that I was baptized. What a blessing to be a member of the Lord's true church on the earth!

I did have a great birthday! Lot's of cake. Yummy but actually relatively cheap, since cake here is 
usually ridiculously expensive, but we got a good deal at a baking shop.

I have been studying the Book of Mormon again from the beginning, but sloooooowly. I have been having a really enlightening time reading some awesome footnotes! I also love starting reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning because that is usually where our investigators are reading as well. It's easier to expound the scriptures when you yourself just recently read the chapter.

Give me a week to think about the customs here, Mom. Nothing comes to mind at the moment.

Thanks for your support and love!

Sister Marriott

Monday, June 20, 2016

Best Sunday!

Yesterday was probably one of the best Sundays! We had a lot of investigators at church. We also had great lessons in Relief Society and Gospel Principles, then Sister Infantado and I both gave talks in sacrament meeting. I had prayed about my topic and felt inspired to share about receiving revelation from the Holy Ghost. Sister Infantado's topic turned out to be related. My talk outline was composed almost completely of scripture references, many of which I used, but I found the direction of my study, and the words that came out of my mouth to be complementary, but not what I had planned. I felt that the Spirit really did guide me as I spoke of how we can recognize and be worthy of the Holy Ghost. It was a good feeling. I also don't think my Ilonggo has ever come out of my mouth so smoothly. The gift of tongues combined with the gift of....speaking. Haha but seriously.
This week we had exchanges. I stayed here in Old Sagay with Sister L. I learned a lot from her. She doesn't show off, but she is an excellent example of a successful missionary.
Sister Anunciado's birthday was on the 18th. She's only a few days older than me. Did I tell you she got transferred to Sagay Zone? I made a front and back cover on a planner for her this morning as a gift. Hope she likes it.
I have learned this week about the importance of bearing sincere testimony. There is power in a belief shared by the power of the Holy Ghost.
We will be having two baptisms this Saturday! Get ready for the photos next week!
What birds do you see?
There are a LOT of chickens. Just about every house has chickens. Some run wild, some are cooped up. Obviously the roosters are either tied or cooped. There are also doves. They are pretty! Some are white, but they are most often multi-colored. There are also smaller birds. Ordinary looking black ones. At night there are bats.
I actually have a question for Peter:
Do the people in your area have random nicknames?? Just about everyone here in the Philippines has a nickname. I have learned to really love them. For example, real name Eddilyn - nickname Yenyen. Real name Rachel - nickname Sweet. Real name Jericho - nickname Gokgok. Real name Jacoms - nickname Tong. Usually they are totally not related at all to the real names, but I did hear one this week. One sister in the ward is named Virginia. Her nickname is Virgie. Cute!

Love you all!