Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Peter and Tessa will be speaking on August 14 at 9:00 am at 15 N. 100 W. in Beaver.

Come if you can!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Don't Want to go Home!


So I finished packing last night (yeah, mom, I did leave a lot of my clothes behind). Then I tried to sleep....yeah I couldn't sleep. Don't take it personally, but I don't want to go home! :( I will miss everything about my mission. I have loved being companions with Sister Infantado. She is one of the Lord's elect missionaries. Love her to pieces.

So we had a baptism on Saturday of Elaidya (pronounced sort of like Elijah). She is the daughter of a less-active member who is in the process of returning. She [Elaidya] is always the earliest of everyone except Bishop at church every Sunday. That is one of my favorite kind of people. The kind of people who simply aren't members because they know not where to find it. But once they find it, they're always there.

I have nooooo time. Everyone decided to write me on my last Monday. Hahaha! Love you all.

Sister Marriott

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Breaking Heart

Sorry, I just spent a lot of my computer time writing up another conversion story. It is about Julieta, Jurex, and Mariel. They were all baptized on Friday, confirmed yesterday. I love them so much. I could write forever about them. Not. Enough. Time.

But do you remember the Palina family?? My email last week about Charie? Yeah, that family. Their dad, Jerry, died yesterday morning. My head still feels dry from crying with them yesterday. We went to their house right after church. The moment I took the hand of his wife, Charina, the tears started flowing. It was hard to see their suffering. Their youngest, Jericho, is about 5 or 6 years old. He was a little slow in realizing that his dad died. He saw his dad lying there, not moving. He told his mom,

"Ma! Give dad some milk to drink, Ma!" His mother only said faintly, "Later..." Jericho returned to eating his food. He heard the neighbors say, "Well, Jerry died. He just couldn't handle his asthma anymore." 
Jericho stopped eating, "Papa died??" When his mother confirmed that yes indeed his dad was dead. His appetite for the food which he had just been eating so hungrily completely left him. He stopped eating and was silent for several minutes.

MY HEART IS GOING TO BREAK FOR THEM! I just can't get over it. 

But my heart was gladdened when I read the email you forwarded to me, Mom! 

Love you all! 
Sister Marriott

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

More Effective and Efficient


So this week was fairly normal. We are stoked for some upcoming baptisms and full of hope for a few new families that we're teaching.

Sister Infantado continues to cough. We both keep praying that she'll get better.

Last week in companionship inventory, Sister Infantado and I talked about teaching lesson one. I wanted to shake things up a bit. Well, we got out answer at MLC! The new APs gave training on how to teach the whole lesson one in the very first sitting. Usually, we teach it in two lessons, or sometimes three lessons. Principles 1-3, 4-6 (or 1-6), 7-8. Usually we do it so that we can really get them to understand and also because their attention spans are not very long. But the APs trained that teaching it in one lesson will actually make the message make more sense. They taught us a more effective and time efficient way. Just what we needed. We've been trying it out with some of our new investigators. So far, so good!

Sorry for the shortness of the email. But I gotta go! Love you all!

Say Hi to Peter when he gets home!!

Sister Marriott

Monday, July 4, 2016

Sick Comp


This is Peter's last week in the mission??? Wow. Where did time go? Good luck this week Pedro! Padayon hasta sa katapusan!

This week was a lot more rough for Sister Infantado as it was for me. She has been sick with the flu starting Wednesday night until now. Right now I think her fever is under control, but her cough is pretty bad. We traveled early this morning to Bacolod and she just finished her Engish test a few hours ago. All of the Filipinos take English tests around 6 months before they go home so they have a certificate which can help them get good jobs. Oh yeah, and her one year mark in the mission was yesterday. Poor thing! She said it might be an omen that she was sick on her one year mark. :( Hopefully not. Everyone is worried about her because she is super skinnier and getting even skinnier. But I'm a witness that she eats food! She's a great cook and loves to eat as well (We get along great, needless to say). She's just a little bit too skinny. I'll include a picture of her.

Notwithstanding her being sick, we worked everyday. The culture in our mission is if you are able, work. If you absolutely cannot, rest.

Again, we had miracles occur. We had a (former) investigator come to church that we hadn't even met before!

We have MLC again tomorrow! I am so excited! I love MLC. It's like general conference every month.

There's this guy across from me in the computer shop right now who is playing chess....hahaha! Peter.

This week we had an investigator who doesn't believe in resurrection. So I studied about that this week. In our lesson with him, we explained to him about resurrection, using verses in 1 Cor 15. I felt that he knew that his belief / what he's been taught in his church, is unbiblical. But I also felt he didn't really believe what his pastor has been telling him. (His pastor teaches that the righteous will "rupture" and live in heaven as spirits only and the wicked will remain on earth, dead. Hm.)

But then we felt to share to him about prophets. We explained everything as usual. He kept quoting Ephesians 4:5 "one Lord, one faith, one baptism." We used that to explain the following verses 11-13 which says that the Lord gives prophets, apostles, etc. "for the perfecting of the saint, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: Till we all come in the unity of the faith...." When we shared that, I saw by his facial expressions that we had really given him something to think about. Hope that message really sinks in. We asked him to pray to know. Hope he does!

It was great timing because we were last minute invited to attend a very small funeral for a three year old member who had died. I was called on to give a talk. The studying that I had done for the investigator above, really helped me give a better than average, albeit short, talk.

Love you all!! Have a great week!
Sister Marriott

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Three Instead of Two!


Do you remember I said we would be having two baptisms this week? Well a miracle happened, and it ended up being three!! :D I have attached the pictures. Jaykie and Rena Den Palina with their siblings, who are still investigators, and Eddielyn Katalbas, with her husband (member), their son, and her mom (still investigator). We are so happy for them!

Sorry, I sent that email too early. Haha. Oh well. Here are the official conversion stories that we send into the mission. See them attached.

I love them so much! We are so excited for all three of them. I know that they made the right decision. I have been pondering how glad I am that I was baptized. What a blessing to be a member of the Lord's true church on the earth!

I did have a great birthday! Lot's of cake. Yummy but actually relatively cheap, since cake here is 
usually ridiculously expensive, but we got a good deal at a baking shop.

I have been studying the Book of Mormon again from the beginning, but sloooooowly. I have been having a really enlightening time reading some awesome footnotes! I also love starting reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning because that is usually where our investigators are reading as well. It's easier to expound the scriptures when you yourself just recently read the chapter.

Give me a week to think about the customs here, Mom. Nothing comes to mind at the moment.

Thanks for your support and love!

Sister Marriott

Monday, June 20, 2016

Best Sunday!

Yesterday was probably one of the best Sundays! We had a lot of investigators at church. We also had great lessons in Relief Society and Gospel Principles, then Sister Infantado and I both gave talks in sacrament meeting. I had prayed about my topic and felt inspired to share about receiving revelation from the Holy Ghost. Sister Infantado's topic turned out to be related. My talk outline was composed almost completely of scripture references, many of which I used, but I found the direction of my study, and the words that came out of my mouth to be complementary, but not what I had planned. I felt that the Spirit really did guide me as I spoke of how we can recognize and be worthy of the Holy Ghost. It was a good feeling. I also don't think my Ilonggo has ever come out of my mouth so smoothly. The gift of tongues combined with the gift of....speaking. Haha but seriously.
This week we had exchanges. I stayed here in Old Sagay with Sister L. I learned a lot from her. She doesn't show off, but she is an excellent example of a successful missionary.
Sister Anunciado's birthday was on the 18th. She's only a few days older than me. Did I tell you she got transferred to Sagay Zone? I made a front and back cover on a planner for her this morning as a gift. Hope she likes it.
I have learned this week about the importance of bearing sincere testimony. There is power in a belief shared by the power of the Holy Ghost.
We will be having two baptisms this Saturday! Get ready for the photos next week!
What birds do you see?
There are a LOT of chickens. Just about every house has chickens. Some run wild, some are cooped up. Obviously the roosters are either tied or cooped. There are also doves. They are pretty! Some are white, but they are most often multi-colored. There are also smaller birds. Ordinary looking black ones. At night there are bats.
I actually have a question for Peter:
Do the people in your area have random nicknames?? Just about everyone here in the Philippines has a nickname. I have learned to really love them. For example, real name Eddilyn - nickname Yenyen. Real name Rachel - nickname Sweet. Real name Jericho - nickname Gokgok. Real name Jacoms - nickname Tong. Usually they are totally not related at all to the real names, but I did hear one this week. One sister in the ward is named Virginia. Her nickname is Virgie. Cute!

Love you all!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Hello family!

First off shout out to Lexi! Happy birthday! You're 24! Oldie. :P

So I'll start off by answering a questions from a few week back....Sorry, Katie, I don't think anything weirds me out. Wait. But that reminds me that I did experience something very uncomfortable the other week.

We were on the side of the road just as it was getting dark. We were sort of BRTing with a LA and waiting to flag down a tricycle. Then suddenly SWARMS of "agaraga"  in Ilonggo or "gamo-gamo" in Tagolog were all over. In my face, hair, down my shirt. I was super uncomfortable. I was waving my hands around like a crazy person trying to swipe the off. Oh. Gamo-gamo look like queen ants that fly. Super annoying. But they don't bite.

What will you miss the most about El Salvador and the Philippines? I will miss a lot! The people, my nametag, even the heat probably. Uh...EVERYTHING. I'll miss speaking Ilonggo, and I'll miss being able to put on anything, no makeup, hair a mess, but still the most gwapa! Haha joking!

Love you all! Hope you're all doing great!

Sister Marriott

P.S. Excerpt from my email to President Barredo after explaining to him the situation in the zone. It was a good feeling to be well prepared for the situation because President has done a great job at training us to be ready for those sorts of situations.

Shortly after we had that zone training with inventory, you texted this quote from President Thomas S. Monson: “Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved.”

I also wanted to thank you, President, for your training about how to address investigators’ questions, especially on the false doctrine that “no man has seen God.” That came up this week in one lesson. We were able to quickly resolve the concern by reading Genesis 32:30 and Acts 7:55-56. I saw the  investigator’s attitude and even body language change as we explained the scriptures and she accepted that there had indeed been other prophets who had seen God.

Thank you, President, for your help!

Sister Marriott

Doing Great! Cleaning Fish

Thanks, everyone, for the emails! You're all the best!

We had a baptism on Saturday! Her name is May Anne Fruelda. She is super smart. She is actually a child of record but is 9 years old, so technically a convert baptism. Haha! She did have a challenge with the word of wisdom to stop drinking coffee, but she stopped after only two lessons! :)

I was thinking this week about one of Mom's questions of the week that I never seem to have time to answer (Sorry, Mom!). What are some things you used to not like to eat but now love?

I don't really have a problem with the food because I started out just eating everything. But then I was thinking one thing I'm super used to now, but was definitely not used to when I got here is cleaning fish. Yup. As in ripping out the gills and intestines. I'm not the best at it since I'm still not familiar with the anatomy of every type of fish. Some fish are easy, and you can just remove the gills and the intestines come with it, but some you can't do that . It depends. But at least I'm used to it now. Doesn't gross me out at all anymore.

We had a great week this week! We extended a lot of baptismal dates! We have 21 investigators with a baptismal date right now! Really looking forward to this and next month!

We have MLC again tomorrow! I made it a goal of this week not to get irritable even when I don't get enough sleep. Sister Infantado just laughed.

But we've been doing great! I love this area, I love Sister Infantado! We have some great progressing investigators who I just love! They have so much faith!! I am just amazed that they change their lives even when their knowledge is still not....deep? Just at the beginning levels, but yet it is enough for them to develop great faith. Simple truths are the most important and most cultivating ones.

Love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Marriott

Two Stories

May 30, 2016

Dear ones that I love,

I just decided to share a few short stories this week.

First, we visited Sister Yonela. She is an elderly living alone. She's a member of about 3 or 4 years, but she explained she hadn't been to church in quite a which in part to a vacation she took a while back to a remote and far off mountain or "bukid." But after explaining that to us, she said: "Gutom ang akon kalag," which means my soul is hungry. I felt sorry for her starving soul, but felt grateful that she recognized it.

THEN she came to church even though it was all the way at the stake center for stake conference and she smiled all the way through it!! :D

Secondly, I do have a hard time speaking English, although I find it a lot easier when I'm talking to americans. But when I talk to filipinos, Ilonggo just comes out and if I try to force myself to speak English to them, it's really hard. For some reason, I was requested twice this week to pray in English......sooooo slow.

Wow. Time to go.

Sister Marriott

Monday, May 23, 2016

Do you play chess?

Hello everyone, but especially SONJA!! Welcome to the world!

Once again, too many of you wrote me leaving me about 7 minutes to reply. I know, Mom, you told me to print the emails I get, but I still prefer just to read it once I'm in the computer shop rather than accumulating a mission worth of emails. Anyway, I never know what to write you all anyway...

Sister Infantado continues to be one of the best companions I've ever had. We are excited tomorrow to give a training in Zone Conference. (Sorry if I misled you to think that that was over. Not yet. Last week was just a council meeting). 

We are giving our training on companionship inventory, which I have a testimony of. Companionship inventory can do great things. Out of small and simple things are great things brought to pass. 

Haha! There was one member yesterday who said to me (and I translate this):

"Chess. Chess. Do you play chess?"
"Uh....I know how to.."
"Let's play!!"
I tried to kindly explain that I am a missionary and can't just play chess. But then he quickly said that he meant tomorrow, Monday

Hahaha! That still won't be happening even though it is p-day. But I got a good laugh out of it, and thought about Peter and Papi. 

BYE! Love you all

Sister Marriott

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Highest Numbers!


I literally have no time to write you all because we are rushing to a last minute multi-zone leaders/ sister training leaders council meeting, but hopefully the long email last time and the phone call home will make up for it.

Sister Infantado and I had a fantastic week with probably the highest numbers/KIs overall of my whole mission! And I know it's because we were more obedient this week than ever before! The Lord is truly blessing us!

I just wanted to say that I'm alive and love you all!!

Thanks for everything!
Sister Marriott

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Not Her Usual Self

MOM!! I'm so sorry I couldn't catch you on Skype! Last week we asked the computer shop if they had video chat and they said they did. Then we asked the owner (a member) yesterday if they would be open the next day. She said they would be. But then when we went, it was closed. So we went and got lunch first hoping that it would be open on our way back. Still closed. So then we decided to go the the center of Sagay City to try here. No video cameras here either. So then we "loaded" the phone and called. Only to get your message machine. Maybe I'll try again........   :((((

But anyway. I was sort of looking forward not having to write an email since I would be seeing you..... Oh well.

This week has been super tiring. I don't like myself when I don't get enough sleep. On Monday we traveled to Bacolod. Long drive. Then stopped for dinner and I think I found my favorite restaurant here in Bacolod. Chow King! Haha. It's a really common fast food place, but it's super good. I got the dumpling rice bowl and halo-halo. Halo-halo literally means mix-mix. I've tried it a few other times and have never really liked it very much. They put cubes of this gelatine sort, and banana, and ice, and corn, beans, evaporated milk, etc. If you get the good stuff it has ice-cream. So after trying halo-halo at a restaurant here in Old Sagay, Sister Infantado said I hadn't really had real halo-halo before and that we would go to Chow King because that is the place with good halo-halo. Sure enough. It had jackfruit, leche flan, a type of coconut called makapuno, ube icecream, etc. It was good!

Then we had MLC on Tuesday. It was inspiring as usual. I got to see Sister Dumapias, which I was super happy about. I love her! I saw Sister Aloc as well, and Sister Lewis, Sister Allegretti, Sister Schultz (all the sisters from my batch!). It was fun. The Assistants to the President all gave really good trainings and I felt that what they trained on was exactly what our zone needed to hear. So when we got back to Old Sagay, Sister Infantado and I just had a companionship study about how we would train for zone training. It was good. Then on Thursday we trained the zone on Faith, then our second training was on The Lord's Pattern,  and Priesthood Power. It was okay, but I learned a whoooole lot more in my study than I'm sure Sister Infantado and I were able to convey to the zone, but that's okay.

Anyway, with Monday travels, not sleeping well at the hosting apartment on Monday night, getting up early Tuesday morning for MLC, and thursday morning for zone training, and all the stress in between I was a little frazzled this week. I really love the routine of missionary life! Getting up 6:30, going to bed 10:30. But when that schedule is interrupted. Sister Marriott is not her usual happy self. But despite all that I had a really spiritual week. I LOVE personal study. It's great. And then in companionship study I often take notes when Sister Infantado shares what she learned's like general conference. :) She really is just that great!

So, I'm sorry again, Mom! I'll try calling again, BUT if I still can't catch you, I hope you had a wonderful mother's day, and I will definitely, for sure, absolutely see you in three months! :D I'm not counting the days, but I'm sure you are.

Sister Marriott
1 Nephi 7:12

Sunday, May 8, 2016


Hello everyone!

So this week went by so quickly. Not to mention APRIL. Can't believe that happened. Totally don't know where that went.

So I have no idea what to write. What was your question, Mom? Oh yeah "What flowers do you see?"

There are a lot of flowers here. But not the type that you see in America. I have no idea what their names are. But I imagine they are the same kinds of flowers you would see in Hawaii or other islands.

We had a really great lesson with R.D. this week. Lesson 1, principles 4-6. Or basically from Christ's ministry until the Restoration! R. is a cousin of some active members and we heard that her dad was baptized when he was young as well, but hasn't been to church since he was a teenager. But we haven't met him yet. I really love how the Spirit feels in lessons. Words come out of my mouth that definitely did not come from my own self. Explanations come that I never thought to say. Questions and promised blessing and testimony that we had never said before just came out of our mouths. The last time we taught her we asked her to pray to know if Thomas S. Monson was a true prophet. When we followed up, she said she prayed! We asked how she felt. She said "nakurog 'ko." or it means that her body trembled or shook. But we asked if it was a good kind of feeling and she said "Oo." :) God's ways are not our ways.

Sister Infantado said afterwards, "Nami gid sa lesson, sister." She said she got goosebumbs. I can't actually remember the word for goosebumps right now. Hm...I would recognize it if I heard it.
I am super excited for tomorrow!! We have MLC again! Super excited to receive inspiration!!

I started a new study journal this week. I am determined to make it the best study journal of my mission. I really see the difference in my study when I write down insights and when I don't. Infinitely better when I write it down. Lesson learned.

Okay, gotta go! SEE you next week! :D

Love you all!!
Sister Marriott

Monday, April 25, 2016

Super Great Week

Dear family mine,

Sister Infantado and I had a super great week! I have been amazed as we've seen the miracles occur. We met one part-member family just yesterday that turned out to have gone to church last week as well as yesterday! Two of them are investigators that are super receptive.

Sister Infantado and I have been finding like crazy!! We had 52 new investigators this week and have already followed up on quite a few of them.

I love being a missionary!

What are the houses like in your area?

Most of the houses here are made out of bamboo. Whole pillars of bamboo are used for the frame of he house, and then split pieces are used to make the walls, etc. Sorry, not the best explanation. The roofs are usually made out of a plant called nipa. Nipa leaves are long and skinny and are used as the roofs. Maybe I'll try to snap a picture this week.

If a family is medyo well to do, they have concrete floors. Sometimes they are lucky and have a tin roof. Rich people have completely concrete houses made out of hollow blocks and cement pillars with steel roofs.

Time up! I love you all!

Sister Marriott

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Goat in the house!


You didn't get my email last week??? I was very much surprised when I got a call from Elder Hopper. I thought it was one of the office elders or something, so I spoke Illonggo initially to him. Until he said, "This is Elder Hopper. Speak English to me." Even after that I had a hard time remembering how to speak English. It just doesn't come out anymore. Luckily I can usually still write in English. But talking is a whole different matter. How did Papi get the number for the mission?
Forest in our area

Sounds like you all had a great week!

Peter comes home July 14?? That is so soon! Time flies when you're having fun.

What is Sister Infantado like? She is GREAT! Maybe one of my favorite companions. I say "one" because it seems like I always say that about almost all of my companions. Haha! She really knows how to get to work. She is diligent, sensitive, motivated, and, here's a plus, has a great sense of humor. Love her to death. She came from Silay West ward, which was the other ward that shared the same building as ours in Silay East ward. So we knew each other before. We did a lot of finding this week. Hopefully we'll see the fruit of that in a month or two.

Beach in our are.

I had a hard time last week thinking of something funny. I remembered sometimes Monday night how last week we were studying in the morning and a goat entered through the open front door! Haha! There are probably three goats, five chickens, and a dog on our lawn kept by the owner. Yeah.

Thank you all for your support! Don't forget to pray for me.

Sister Marriott

Forgot to Press Send

Looks like I never sent this last week....sorry!!

Dearest ones,

So this week was crazy. On Monday, my fellow STL, Sister Pastera, and I traveled from Sagay to Bacolod to attend the Mission Leadership Council (MLC) on Tuesday morning. Then on Wednesday we trained the zone at Zone Training. Thenon Wednesday we had a double wedding. Then on Saturday and Sunday we watched conference. It went by so quickly, but yet feels like 3 weeks packed into one. Absolutely crazy.

THEN Sister Ramiro (my beloved companion of only two weeks) got transferred to Calumanggan. My new companion is Sister Infantado, who I've known for a while since our wards shared the same church building for a while in Silay.

MLC was SUPER inspiring. It way exceeded my expectations. We talked a lot and learned a lot. Sister Pastera and I trained in zone training about managing non-progressing investigators, standard of excellence, time management, hope, diligence, and attitude. It was hard to cram in all in to our 45 minute training. Then the zone leaders also trained.

My favorite talk was by Elder Andersen about rescuing. It really hit me hard.

I'm so happy when I read your letters. You're all the best.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

New Little House

Hey everyone!

So this week was irregular. After spending only about three days with the two other companionships in Sagay. Sister Ramiro, my new companion, and I moved houses to a house in Old Sagay, which is our area. It was super fun, but we keep finding things that we need but don't have. Our house is super perfect. It's a brand-new little house. It has absolutely no furniture, which stinks because we have been eating on the floor, but it's nice that it is so clean and un-cluttered.

Mom, to answer your questions, yes, we shower here with buckets and pail. We actually have two bathrooms in this house (super lucky!) and they both have shower heads that don't really work very well at all. More like the walls get wet instead of you. So I've been showering from a bucket as usual. Except Sister Ramiro and I only have one small bucket and no pail. I used a drinking glass instead and it slipped from my hand this morning, fell, and broke. Gone. Dead. Destroyed. :P

This area has been having a lot of baptisms in the last year or so. We don't have a baptism this week, but we do have a wedding! I'll let you know how that goes. It will the 3rd wedding for my investigators so far in my mission. The ward so far has been really supportive. So that's great.

Sister Ramiro is super great. She asks referrals from literally EVERYONE. We have a ton of work to do contacting them, but it's always a good finding experience.

Did I tell you last week that I just became an STL? Yeah. That happened. I am about to travel to Bacolod in a couple hours for MLC tomorrow. Old Sagay is the farthest from Bacolod that I've ever been. about 2.5 hours by bus. My other areas were all about 45 minutes away.

And then I'm REALLY looking forward to conference. That will be great.

Love you all!

Sister Marriott

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Good Lessons

Family and friends,

Happy Easter!!

After spending a wonderful 6 months in Silay East Ward, I just got transferred today to Old Sagay! I am super excited!!

I should add more spiritual experiences in here. Maybe I'll tell you of a good lesson we had this week.

One very critical lesson we had was with J. He had told us the last lesson we had with him about how he didn't like that all of the members at church were asking him when he was getting baptized. When he said the 16th at the river, they got all excited and started planning an elders quorum activity at the river as well so that it could be a big thing. He got all nervous and felt pressured. So then last lesson, he told us he wasn't ready to be baptized. But he continued reading, and he read in 2 Nephi 9. He said, "Igo gid sa akon, mo?" Which means in a not so accurate translation, "It just really hit me." He still didn't want to go for the 16th, but will be baptized.

Another good lesson we just had yesterday with the sister of one of our recent converts. She and her partner are living together even though they aren't married. She was explaining to us why she didn't want to get married. I won't go into all of that ugly situation. But I remembered the story of the adulterous woman brought to Jesus Christ. We told her the story about how Jesus Christ, even though he didn't have sin, still didn't throw a stone at the woman. I told her that we, like him, do not condemn her, but we do invite her to "go and sin no more" by being married or completely breaking up with her live in partner. We encouraged her to pray about what God's will was and then follow it. But we told her that we didn't believe that God's will was that she continue living with him without being married. God cannot look at sin with any degree of allowance.

Sometimes when I look forward to teaching a lesson like that I think, "this is gonna be tough." But then it usually goes well. It helped that we practiced teaching that lesson in our companionship study.

Do you feel safe all the time?

That is a good question! I realized from being 6 months in Silay that I felt safer the longer I was there. One reason why is probably that there were so many people that I knew. Wherever we went, there was always someone that we had taught, OYMed, talked to, bought something from, or rode is his tricycle before, or something. I realized that I know a LOT of people in Silay. But yeah, I usually feel safe, but not all the time. We tend to steer away from places where there is drinking, basketball, or just a lot of men in general. You can just feel if the place is safe or not. There are places that we go during the afternoon, but don't go during the evening. You just feel it.

Love you all! I am SOOO grateful for all of you. The Lord has blessed me so much. More than I deserve.

Sister Marriott

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Elder Haynie Came

Pamilya ko,

So this week was crazy. We had four extra companionships sleep over at our apartment on Thursday, making us 12 sisters in all. Sister Allegretti (one of the sisters in my district in the MTC) actually got to our area early and we got to work for a bit in a three-some. It was great. It was like she instantly improved. When we left the MTC we had no idea what we didn't know. Hahaha Then the next day we attended mission tour training by Elder Haynie of the Seventy and Area Presidency. It was great!

He talked about Elder Oaks' talk to missionaries in January and made a special comment that we needed to teach repentance. Yesterday, that is exactly what Sister Anunciado and I did. We taught a pretty hard lesson about repentance to someone who is in a.....captivity sort of situation. Not going to give the details, but let's just say it's really hard for them to repent. But I KNOW it will set them free.

He encouraged us to connect investigators and recent converts to the temple. We have been teaching a lot of Temple and Family History Work lessons to recent converts lately. I know that family history work will not only turn their hearts their ancestors, kundi sa Dyos man.

He started out by telling a story called A Five Dollar Job. Maybe you could look it up. Promise it is worth a read. I want to be a five dollar missionary.

Wish I could write more.

Hope you're all doing well!
Sister Marriott

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Miracles Happened

Loved ones,

So a lot of you wrote me! Thanks for all of your emails! I love you all!

I have been having a great time in Silay East Ward! I just really love this area. We have some really great new investigators who have some great potential. 

We taught a couple hard lessons this week, but we also extended a lot of baptismal dates! I was really proud of Sister Anunciado because, since she's in week 12 of training, that was her responsibility. She did great and extended to people even when they would probably say no, but then miracles happened and they said yes! We both agreed that the Spirit really is present as that questions is asked. Will you follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God? It is a very important question, and I really have seen that people are really guided by the Spirit when they answer yes.

We have another mission tour! Elder Haynie is coming! We are super excited. It seems like just yesterday Elder Bowen was here. We will be talking about prayer, finding, and the story of Enoch. That should be a good training. :) 

Bye! Thank you all!

Sister Marriott

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Hello you wonderful people!! 
First and foremost I was super surprised that Mitch died!!! How sad! I am super shocked. He is a super great guy. He was my first competitive dance partner where we actually made it to finals! Haha. We spent many fun/long hours practicing. I just can't believe it. Poor Brittney!!

Choir for Elder Nelson's Visit
Okay, well I guess I have to write about other things, no? To start off, I'll answer your question mom.

Does everyone have gadgets and cellphones? Just about all teenagers have cell phones, but not all of their parents do. Usually it's just a really cheap phone, but the rich kids have touch screens. But then if you go to some f the poorer or farming areas, not very many people at all have cell-phones. One brgy of ours there is only a few people in that place that have cell-phones, so we text those people and then they are the ones who tell the others in that area about what we texted. It turns out okay.

This week was great! Sister Anunciado and I were able to find some new investigators that have some good potential and we also got three referrals, so that should be great! But most of all, I learned a lesson about love.

To begin with, last week was.......I was irritable. I blamed it on my allergies which were acting up and making it hard to breathe (which turned my heart to Grandka. How hard it must be for her not to be able to breathe!), but it also made me irritable. I know I used to get irritated a lot, but I'm not exaggerating when I say that here in the mission, I really do not get irritated very easily. So I was surprised at myself, and did some pondering. I also took allergy medicine and prayed a lot. I prayed specifically for charity. That's when the miracle happened.

The Lord just gave me a new perspective. I want to emphasize here that it is definitely a gift from the Lord because it certainly did not originate from my own carnal-woman self. I was able to see people as children of God. One moment in particular I remember when one dad chose not to join a lesson, but at the end he did pop his head in. The natural-woman self of mine could have thought: Why didn't he join the lesson?? And judge him for his choice, but instead I thought: "Tatay is so beautiful." Tatay or father, but everyone calls old men, Tatay. Anyway. I want to be clear that Tatay is not at all handsome. But I realized that my perspective of even people's appearance changed when I had charity for them. Even ugly people can appear beautiful when we love them.

Then again in our gospel principles class, the ward mission leader showed a bible video about Jesus Christ's life. I think it was called "for this cause was I born." It was really touching, and I noticed how Christ truly cared and loved for others. I briefly thought: "Of course, because He knows who they are, where they're from, what kind of past they had. He knows everything." But as soon as I thought that, the Spirit said, "But you know that they are children of God. Do you need a better reason than that to love them?"

Charity never faileth.

I have charity for you all!! :)

Sister Marriott