Hello family!

First off shout out to Lexi! Happy birthday! You're 24! Oldie. :P

So I'll start off by answering a questions from a few week back....Sorry, Katie, I don't think anything weirds me out. Wait. But that reminds me that I did experience something very uncomfortable the other week.

We were on the side of the road just as it was getting dark. We were sort of BRTing with a LA and waiting to flag down a tricycle. Then suddenly SWARMS of "agaraga"  in Ilonggo or "gamo-gamo" in Tagolog were all over. In my face, hair, down my shirt. I was super uncomfortable. I was waving my hands around like a crazy person trying to swipe the off. Oh. Gamo-gamo look like queen ants that fly. Super annoying. But they don't bite.

What will you miss the most about El Salvador and the Philippines? I will miss a lot! The people, my nametag, even the heat probably. Uh...EVERYTHING. I'll miss speaking Ilonggo, and I'll miss being able to put on anything, no makeup, hair a mess, but still the most gwapa! Haha joking!

Love you all! Hope you're all doing great!

Sister Marriott

P.S. Excerpt from my email to President Barredo after explaining to him the situation in the zone. It was a good feeling to be well prepared for the situation because President has done a great job at training us to be ready for those sorts of situations.

Shortly after we had that zone training with inventory, you texted this quote from President Thomas S. Monson: “Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved.”

I also wanted to thank you, President, for your training about how to address investigators’ questions, especially on the false doctrine that “no man has seen God.” That came up this week in one lesson. We were able to quickly resolve the concern by reading Genesis 32:30 and Acts 7:55-56. I saw the  investigator’s attitude and even body language change as we explained the scriptures and she accepted that there had indeed been other prophets who had seen God.

Thank you, President, for your help!

Sister Marriott


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