Sister A!

Loved ones,

What am I grateful for? I am grateful for Sister Anunciado! We had a choir practice earlier today where we practiced for a conference (at which President Russel M. Nelson will probably attend) on the 18th. When we were greeted by other missionaries, there were several who shook my hand, looked at me meaningfully, and asked,

"So how's training?"

Training is great!! She is a strength to me. I love her insights. She is so sensitive to the needs of others. For example, we have one old gentleman who is an investigator of ours. Despite being 82 years old and having a swollen foot that keeps acting up, he has been to church three times in a row now! During gospel principles class, Sister Anunciado noticed that he didn't seem to appreciate the overhead electric fan. So we turned it off. That's only one of the many times where she has noticed the needs of others! She is very much concerned and observant of others, which I love about her.

I also very much appreciate the soft but important messages that often arrive when I pray. So many times things are brought to my remembrance or I am prompted to do something as or directly after I take the time to say a prayer. Prayer should not only be time where we speak but where we also listen to Him.

Love you all! Keep doing what you're doing.
Sister Marriott


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