Enthusiastic Reverence


So this week was great! As I said last week, President Russel M. Nelson visited us. It was great. He spoke about the Savior. It was wonderful to hear his special witness. He is an expert in the scriptures and also very skilled in Latin, Greek, and Hebrew. He knows his stuff. I felt the Spirit very strongly. Actually, after he left, all of us missionaries were extremely quiet (especially since there are almost 200 of us) and there was just a wonderful reverence before and after he came. I felt that the Spirit was more accessible to us because we were reverent. Sister Nelson actually commented on our reverence and said that the picture was taken faster and smoother than any other mission before, and she attributed that to our reverence, but she also added that it was an enthusiastic reverence. I wrote that down. Enthusiastic reverence. It is a good state to be in.

We had two baptisms this week. Sister Pascual and Brother Wencesloa. Remind me in your next email to send you pictures. A lot of people emailed me this week, so I don't have a lot of time to write. Sorry. Next week na lang. Brother W is 82 years old and super strong! He is reading the Libro ni Mormon super fast considering that he is old and doesn't have great health or eyesight. But he prays so sincerely.

SisterPascual has been coming with her aunt to church regularly since September. We had to really focus on her Libro ni Mormon reading in order for her to really be ready. Also she stopped occasionally drinking coffee. Going to church is not the only qualification for baptism. See D&C 20:37.

By the way, sorry about the spelling mistake last week. I realized as we were going home that I spelled the brake of a car as "break." Wow. But I know that's probably only one of the many grammar mistakes of mine. That's what happens when you don't speak English for over a year. But it's comforting to know that my Ilonggo improves as my English gets worse.

Love you all! Happy Birthday, Peter!! Start sending me your letters so Mom doesn't have to forward them....please?

Mom, I found out that my last transfer is on August 3, 2016. So...I guess that means you need to ask Bishop if he could move the date for our homecoming talk.

Love you all again. and again. and forever!

Sister Marriott


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