A Great Week

 Loved ones,

This week was great! We had a wonderful baptism at the river of Ivan Pudadera. He is one of the fastest of all my converts to get baptized. We extended a baptismal date to him on January 1 (our first lesson) for February 6. He was actually baptized a day before that on February 5 because of scheduling. He's the best! We hope to also baptize his friends and family members. He's already been inviting people to church and his sister and her kids came to church twice already! Then on Sunday he already paid his tithing! We found him struggling to understand how to fill out the English tithing slip. He gave the BEST testimony ever after his baptism and then again in fast and testimony meeting yesterday. 

He told us he had a dream four times in which there were two women who wanted to teach him. In his dream he was confused because he already graduated school; what were they going to teach him?? Haha. Sister Anunciado and I are those two women. :) 

A missionaries life is a lot busier when there are baptisms. It's kind of crazy sometimes getting everything together, but totally worth it! 

Sister Read and Sister Tangonan moved out earlier today. They will be flying home on Wednesday. We will miss them. 

Love you all! 
Sister Marriott


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