Thursday, June 30, 2016

Three Instead of Two!


Do you remember I said we would be having two baptisms this week? Well a miracle happened, and it ended up being three!! :D I have attached the pictures. Jaykie and Rena Den Palina with their siblings, who are still investigators, and Eddielyn Katalbas, with her husband (member), their son, and her mom (still investigator). We are so happy for them!

Sorry, I sent that email too early. Haha. Oh well. Here are the official conversion stories that we send into the mission. See them attached.

I love them so much! We are so excited for all three of them. I know that they made the right decision. I have been pondering how glad I am that I was baptized. What a blessing to be a member of the Lord's true church on the earth!

I did have a great birthday! Lot's of cake. Yummy but actually relatively cheap, since cake here is 
usually ridiculously expensive, but we got a good deal at a baking shop.

I have been studying the Book of Mormon again from the beginning, but sloooooowly. I have been having a really enlightening time reading some awesome footnotes! I also love starting reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning because that is usually where our investigators are reading as well. It's easier to expound the scriptures when you yourself just recently read the chapter.

Give me a week to think about the customs here, Mom. Nothing comes to mind at the moment.

Thanks for your support and love!

Sister Marriott

Monday, June 20, 2016

Best Sunday!

Yesterday was probably one of the best Sundays! We had a lot of investigators at church. We also had great lessons in Relief Society and Gospel Principles, then Sister Infantado and I both gave talks in sacrament meeting. I had prayed about my topic and felt inspired to share about receiving revelation from the Holy Ghost. Sister Infantado's topic turned out to be related. My talk outline was composed almost completely of scripture references, many of which I used, but I found the direction of my study, and the words that came out of my mouth to be complementary, but not what I had planned. I felt that the Spirit really did guide me as I spoke of how we can recognize and be worthy of the Holy Ghost. It was a good feeling. I also don't think my Ilonggo has ever come out of my mouth so smoothly. The gift of tongues combined with the gift of....speaking. Haha but seriously.
This week we had exchanges. I stayed here in Old Sagay with Sister L. I learned a lot from her. She doesn't show off, but she is an excellent example of a successful missionary.
Sister Anunciado's birthday was on the 18th. She's only a few days older than me. Did I tell you she got transferred to Sagay Zone? I made a front and back cover on a planner for her this morning as a gift. Hope she likes it.
I have learned this week about the importance of bearing sincere testimony. There is power in a belief shared by the power of the Holy Ghost.
We will be having two baptisms this Saturday! Get ready for the photos next week!
What birds do you see?
There are a LOT of chickens. Just about every house has chickens. Some run wild, some are cooped up. Obviously the roosters are either tied or cooped. There are also doves. They are pretty! Some are white, but they are most often multi-colored. There are also smaller birds. Ordinary looking black ones. At night there are bats.
I actually have a question for Peter:
Do the people in your area have random nicknames?? Just about everyone here in the Philippines has a nickname. I have learned to really love them. For example, real name Eddilyn - nickname Yenyen. Real name Rachel - nickname Sweet. Real name Jericho - nickname Gokgok. Real name Jacoms - nickname Tong. Usually they are totally not related at all to the real names, but I did hear one this week. One sister in the ward is named Virginia. Her nickname is Virgie. Cute!

Love you all!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Hello family!

First off shout out to Lexi! Happy birthday! You're 24! Oldie. :P

So I'll start off by answering a questions from a few week back....Sorry, Katie, I don't think anything weirds me out. Wait. But that reminds me that I did experience something very uncomfortable the other week.

We were on the side of the road just as it was getting dark. We were sort of BRTing with a LA and waiting to flag down a tricycle. Then suddenly SWARMS of "agaraga"  in Ilonggo or "gamo-gamo" in Tagolog were all over. In my face, hair, down my shirt. I was super uncomfortable. I was waving my hands around like a crazy person trying to swipe the off. Oh. Gamo-gamo look like queen ants that fly. Super annoying. But they don't bite.

What will you miss the most about El Salvador and the Philippines? I will miss a lot! The people, my nametag, even the heat probably. Uh...EVERYTHING. I'll miss speaking Ilonggo, and I'll miss being able to put on anything, no makeup, hair a mess, but still the most gwapa! Haha joking!

Love you all! Hope you're all doing great!

Sister Marriott

P.S. Excerpt from my email to President Barredo after explaining to him the situation in the zone. It was a good feeling to be well prepared for the situation because President has done a great job at training us to be ready for those sorts of situations.

Shortly after we had that zone training with inventory, you texted this quote from President Thomas S. Monson: “Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved.”

I also wanted to thank you, President, for your training about how to address investigators’ questions, especially on the false doctrine that “no man has seen God.” That came up this week in one lesson. We were able to quickly resolve the concern by reading Genesis 32:30 and Acts 7:55-56. I saw the  investigator’s attitude and even body language change as we explained the scriptures and she accepted that there had indeed been other prophets who had seen God.

Thank you, President, for your help!

Sister Marriott

Doing Great! Cleaning Fish

Thanks, everyone, for the emails! You're all the best!

We had a baptism on Saturday! Her name is May Anne Fruelda. She is super smart. She is actually a child of record but is 9 years old, so technically a convert baptism. Haha! She did have a challenge with the word of wisdom to stop drinking coffee, but she stopped after only two lessons! :)

I was thinking this week about one of Mom's questions of the week that I never seem to have time to answer (Sorry, Mom!). What are some things you used to not like to eat but now love?

I don't really have a problem with the food because I started out just eating everything. But then I was thinking one thing I'm super used to now, but was definitely not used to when I got here is cleaning fish. Yup. As in ripping out the gills and intestines. I'm not the best at it since I'm still not familiar with the anatomy of every type of fish. Some fish are easy, and you can just remove the gills and the intestines come with it, but some you can't do that . It depends. But at least I'm used to it now. Doesn't gross me out at all anymore.

We had a great week this week! We extended a lot of baptismal dates! We have 21 investigators with a baptismal date right now! Really looking forward to this and next month!

We have MLC again tomorrow! I made it a goal of this week not to get irritable even when I don't get enough sleep. Sister Infantado just laughed.

But we've been doing great! I love this area, I love Sister Infantado! We have some great progressing investigators who I just love! They have so much faith!! I am just amazed that they change their lives even when their knowledge is still not....deep? Just at the beginning levels, but yet it is enough for them to develop great faith. Simple truths are the most important and most cultivating ones.

Love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Marriott

Two Stories

May 30, 2016

Dear ones that I love,

I just decided to share a few short stories this week.

First, we visited Sister Yonela. She is an elderly living alone. She's a member of about 3 or 4 years, but she explained she hadn't been to church in quite a which in part to a vacation she took a while back to a remote and far off mountain or "bukid." But after explaining that to us, she said: "Gutom ang akon kalag," which means my soul is hungry. I felt sorry for her starving soul, but felt grateful that she recognized it.

THEN she came to church even though it was all the way at the stake center for stake conference and she smiled all the way through it!! :D

Secondly, I do have a hard time speaking English, although I find it a lot easier when I'm talking to americans. But when I talk to filipinos, Ilonggo just comes out and if I try to force myself to speak English to them, it's really hard. For some reason, I was requested twice this week to pray in English......sooooo slow.

Wow. Time to go.

Sister Marriott