Two Stories

May 30, 2016

Dear ones that I love,

I just decided to share a few short stories this week.

First, we visited Sister Yonela. She is an elderly living alone. She's a member of about 3 or 4 years, but she explained she hadn't been to church in quite a which in part to a vacation she took a while back to a remote and far off mountain or "bukid." But after explaining that to us, she said: "Gutom ang akon kalag," which means my soul is hungry. I felt sorry for her starving soul, but felt grateful that she recognized it.

THEN she came to church even though it was all the way at the stake center for stake conference and she smiled all the way through it!! :D

Secondly, I do have a hard time speaking English, although I find it a lot easier when I'm talking to americans. But when I talk to filipinos, Ilonggo just comes out and if I try to force myself to speak English to them, it's really hard. For some reason, I was requested twice this week to pray in English......sooooo slow.

Wow. Time to go.

Sister Marriott


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