Three Instead of Two!


Do you remember I said we would be having two baptisms this week? Well a miracle happened, and it ended up being three!! :D I have attached the pictures. Jaykie and Rena Den Palina with their siblings, who are still investigators, and Eddielyn Katalbas, with her husband (member), their son, and her mom (still investigator). We are so happy for them!

Sorry, I sent that email too early. Haha. Oh well. Here are the official conversion stories that we send into the mission. See them attached.

I love them so much! We are so excited for all three of them. I know that they made the right decision. I have been pondering how glad I am that I was baptized. What a blessing to be a member of the Lord's true church on the earth!

I did have a great birthday! Lot's of cake. Yummy but actually relatively cheap, since cake here is 
usually ridiculously expensive, but we got a good deal at a baking shop.

I have been studying the Book of Mormon again from the beginning, but sloooooowly. I have been having a really enlightening time reading some awesome footnotes! I also love starting reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning because that is usually where our investigators are reading as well. It's easier to expound the scriptures when you yourself just recently read the chapter.

Give me a week to think about the customs here, Mom. Nothing comes to mind at the moment.

Thanks for your support and love!

Sister Marriott


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