Monday, September 28, 2015



Happy Birthday to Papi!!!

This week just flew by! One thing that really surprised me this week is how hard it was to teach an American! He married a Filipina and has three beautiful children. He has the whole Bible memorized. And when I say memorized, I mean it. I gave the opening prayer and had to talk really slow and concentrate because Ilonggo just wants to come out of my mouth. The gift of tongues is so real!! 

Laundry? I do the laundry. By hand. Really we just use powdered detergent. And then you wash the clothes by rubbing the clothes with itself. Or I've seen others use a laundry board and brush, but I prefer washing by hand. But you need to use a fabric softener when you rinse the clothes, otherwise they will dry really stiff. The poor people who can't afford fabric softener rinse the clothes three times instead. But it's a lot easier to just buy fabric softener if you can afford it. 

Sorry for the short letter! I finished writing a real handwritten letter to the family. I'll send it as soon as I find a post office. Love you all!!
Sister Marriott

New Shoes and Cake

I love reading your emails!

I'm wearing some nice new shoes right now! It's nice to walk and not feel the hot road burn my feet. Haha! 

I'm still amazed Papi got to go back to Germany. How cool!

I read an inspiring talk by Elder Callister again this week about Becoming a Consecrated Missionary, but I'm not sure if it's available to you. But it's a really powerful talk about consecrating EVERYTHING. Putting everything on the alter. Really inspiring.

I also really enjoyed the relief society class yesterday about pride. I realized that any bit of disobedience is a sign of pride. Disobedience means that you think that what you want is more important than what God/your parents/leaders think. Tell that to Lizzy. ;) I remember that Natalie told me once when her dad told me to do something that I didn't want to do, and it wasn't convenient for me either, but I did it anyway. She said, "You're so obedient!" That's one thing that was ingrained in me by my two great parents. :D

If you look at the root of disobedience, it really just comes down to pride. We think that our wisdom is higher than God's wisdom.

So....I left the scriptures that Natalie gave me on a jeepney on my way to district meeting on Tuesday!! I've been missing it ever since. 

I'm glad you've been baking! I never got the oven that the supply elders promised. I guess it was just for Sister Aloc. But Sister R loves cake. So I made two rice-cooker chocolate cakes this week! One last Monday and one yesterday. I mixed it really fast as soon as we got home from church and it cooked while we were studying. I'm getting better at making them. I used a recipe that Natalie gave me. Basically regular ingredients. The recipe doesn't call for egg, but I put one in just because I wanted it to be more moist. It helped. Super yummy. 

I really love what Bacolod South Stake is doing every third Sunday. It is called "Third Sunday Ministry." Every third Sunday ALL ward members visit less-actives for one hour after church. We joined them yesterday, and it was really great. I know miracles will happen in Bacolod South Stake because of it.

Thanks for all of your great letters! 

Sister Marriott

Sunday, September 13, 2015

How Time Flies!

My Wonderful Family,

I love what Sister Burton said about the Sabbath Day. I've seen how hard it is for people here in the Philippines to keep the Sabbath Day Holy. But I know it is so important! The Bible Dictionary says that it is an eternal principle.

I studied about the Sabbath the other day, and then happened to study also about the parable of the ten virgins. I then was able to see how I could apply the Sabbath to the parable. For example, going to church and taking the sacrament can symbolize the oil that is in the actual lamp. So many times we think that is all there is to the Sabbath. It is easy to think that because sometimes it is enough to keep the flame of our testimony alive. But more than that will be needed when the Savior comes again. We need other oil. We can obtain that oil by resting, giving service, doing family history work, refraining from entertainment and shopping, studying the scriptures, and praying on the Sabbath.

We had another baptism on Saturday, Rusty. He is almost 11, and I'm usually a little shy of baptizing children. But I have no doubts about him. He currently lives with his gaurdian/cousin of his mom who is the Primary President. He reads the Libro ni Mormon every day even though it is super deep Ilonggo. He also prays, goes to church and activities, and was SO excited to be baptized. He's just an all-around solid kid.

Haha! Anyway, I still can't believe that N is married. That is so crazy. It all happened to fast! But I guess I have been here for a while. I've started telling people I've been here for a long time when they ask me how I learned how to speak Ilonggo. I just say, "Kay dugay ako di, mo?" They always ask me how many years. Then are amazed only about 7 months. How time flies!!

I love you all! I hope you have a great week! I started a handwritten letter for you all last Monday, hopefully I will finish it later today.

Sister Marriott

Monday, September 7, 2015

Working Smart

Mom and Pop,

Wow! Thanks for the great letter, Mom! I am glad that you and Papi bought Grandpa a Puch motorcycle! Did I tell you the Philippines has only increased my love of motorcycles? The main modes of commutation are jeepneys and tricycles (motocycles with a side car). I love the tricycles most, even though they're way more expensive here in Bacolod City.

So, this week I have learned SO MUCH from my companion, Sister Rosario. She is probably the smartest missionary here in the mission. As in, she works the smartest. I've always worked hard as a missionary, but I've not always worked smart. She works smart. She really knows what we have to do to get results. Sorry for not really including details, but let's just say it's been a week of learning for me.

She is from Pangasinan, maybe that's how you spell it. She is the third of eight kids. From what she's told me about her life before the mission, we're basically the same. Working in an office, going to school, etc. Her major is accountancy, so she'll be an accountant someday. Her favorite food is balut, which she buys and eats every day from a sister that just got baptized on Saturday, actually! They have been investigators since February and really have been going to church since then. They have just taken a while to feel ready to be baptized. It's been great working with them! They are so great!

I really loved a scripture in the New Testament that I read in my personal study this morning. I've been trying to read more in the Bible, not just the Book of Mormon.

"Therefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold all things are become new." 2 Cor. 5:17

I also listened to President Uchdorf's talk on Grace this week. I thought of you, Mom. I just loved what he said about being truly changed. He said it is a change so dramatic that it is called "born again." It's so true! That is the beautiful thing about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We can change.

Love you all!!

Sister Marriott

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Elect

Pamilya ko,

Sister R and I had a good week. 12 investigators at church! Our teaching styles are really different, but we really saw that the Spirit made up for any differences. One thing I learned from her this week is about really searching for the elect.

"...for mine elect hear my voice and harden not their hearts." -D&C 29:7

I also really loved a verse of scripture this week, 1 Nephi 16:16 which says that the Liahona led them to fertile parts of the wilderness so that they could find food in the wilderness. I applied that to myself in that the Spirit can lead us to find the areas/people/families who are ready to hear the gospel!

What do people wear here? Well, there are a lot of students, and they all have uniforms. The big colleges here in Alijis have white uniforms. But Bago college had a blue/gray uniform. Depende sa lugar. But if they are still in high school it really depends, all sorts of uniforms. But most of the girls have rather poofy, calf length skirts made of pretty stiff fabric. Some jobs have uniforms as well. But if not, the people wear whatever they have. The people here wear clothes past the point where they have holes and are see-through. Hahaha.

They clean here with muriatic acid. Intense stuff but it works. I heard of a drunk man who drank it... He died.

Permetheryn is used for pests like cockroaches. I definitely use it more than a few times a week. There are a lot of kinds of bleach here, which they use in laundry as well as powder or bar detergent, sometimes both. Then you need downy to rinse the clothes. If not, you have to rinse your clothes three times so they won't dry stiff.

Sister R and I have a lot of time with language. She wants me to speak in English at the house, which has turned out to be harder than I thought. I talk automatically in Ilonggo now... But it's better for her if I speak English. She had more than a few negative experiences with her English teachers in school, so I'll try to help her have a positive experience with speaking English.

Salamat gid sa inyo tanan! I love you all! I am trying to be the missionary that my mom thinks I am. ;)

Sister Marriott