New Shoes and Cake

I love reading your emails!

I'm wearing some nice new shoes right now! It's nice to walk and not feel the hot road burn my feet. Haha! 

I'm still amazed Papi got to go back to Germany. How cool!

I read an inspiring talk by Elder Callister again this week about Becoming a Consecrated Missionary, but I'm not sure if it's available to you. But it's a really powerful talk about consecrating EVERYTHING. Putting everything on the alter. Really inspiring.

I also really enjoyed the relief society class yesterday about pride. I realized that any bit of disobedience is a sign of pride. Disobedience means that you think that what you want is more important than what God/your parents/leaders think. Tell that to Lizzy. ;) I remember that Natalie told me once when her dad told me to do something that I didn't want to do, and it wasn't convenient for me either, but I did it anyway. She said, "You're so obedient!" That's one thing that was ingrained in me by my two great parents. :D

If you look at the root of disobedience, it really just comes down to pride. We think that our wisdom is higher than God's wisdom.

So....I left the scriptures that Natalie gave me on a jeepney on my way to district meeting on Tuesday!! I've been missing it ever since. 

I'm glad you've been baking! I never got the oven that the supply elders promised. I guess it was just for Sister Aloc. But Sister R loves cake. So I made two rice-cooker chocolate cakes this week! One last Monday and one yesterday. I mixed it really fast as soon as we got home from church and it cooked while we were studying. I'm getting better at making them. I used a recipe that Natalie gave me. Basically regular ingredients. The recipe doesn't call for egg, but I put one in just because I wanted it to be more moist. It helped. Super yummy. 

I really love what Bacolod South Stake is doing every third Sunday. It is called "Third Sunday Ministry." Every third Sunday ALL ward members visit less-actives for one hour after church. We joined them yesterday, and it was really great. I know miracles will happen in Bacolod South Stake because of it.

Thanks for all of your great letters! 

Sister Marriott


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