How Time Flies!

My Wonderful Family,

I love what Sister Burton said about the Sabbath Day. I've seen how hard it is for people here in the Philippines to keep the Sabbath Day Holy. But I know it is so important! The Bible Dictionary says that it is an eternal principle.

I studied about the Sabbath the other day, and then happened to study also about the parable of the ten virgins. I then was able to see how I could apply the Sabbath to the parable. For example, going to church and taking the sacrament can symbolize the oil that is in the actual lamp. So many times we think that is all there is to the Sabbath. It is easy to think that because sometimes it is enough to keep the flame of our testimony alive. But more than that will be needed when the Savior comes again. We need other oil. We can obtain that oil by resting, giving service, doing family history work, refraining from entertainment and shopping, studying the scriptures, and praying on the Sabbath.

We had another baptism on Saturday, Rusty. He is almost 11, and I'm usually a little shy of baptizing children. But I have no doubts about him. He currently lives with his gaurdian/cousin of his mom who is the Primary President. He reads the Libro ni Mormon every day even though it is super deep Ilonggo. He also prays, goes to church and activities, and was SO excited to be baptized. He's just an all-around solid kid.

Haha! Anyway, I still can't believe that N is married. That is so crazy. It all happened to fast! But I guess I have been here for a while. I've started telling people I've been here for a long time when they ask me how I learned how to speak Ilonggo. I just say, "Kay dugay ako di, mo?" They always ask me how many years. Then are amazed only about 7 months. How time flies!!

I love you all! I hope you have a great week! I started a handwritten letter for you all last Monday, hopefully I will finish it later today.

Sister Marriott


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