Monday, September 28, 2015



Happy Birthday to Papi!!!

This week just flew by! One thing that really surprised me this week is how hard it was to teach an American! He married a Filipina and has three beautiful children. He has the whole Bible memorized. And when I say memorized, I mean it. I gave the opening prayer and had to talk really slow and concentrate because Ilonggo just wants to come out of my mouth. The gift of tongues is so real!! 

Laundry? I do the laundry. By hand. Really we just use powdered detergent. And then you wash the clothes by rubbing the clothes with itself. Or I've seen others use a laundry board and brush, but I prefer washing by hand. But you need to use a fabric softener when you rinse the clothes, otherwise they will dry really stiff. The poor people who can't afford fabric softener rinse the clothes three times instead. But it's a lot easier to just buy fabric softener if you can afford it. 

Sorry for the short letter! I finished writing a real handwritten letter to the family. I'll send it as soon as I find a post office. Love you all!!
Sister Marriott

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