The Elect

Pamilya ko,

Sister R and I had a good week. 12 investigators at church! Our teaching styles are really different, but we really saw that the Spirit made up for any differences. One thing I learned from her this week is about really searching for the elect.

"...for mine elect hear my voice and harden not their hearts." -D&C 29:7

I also really loved a verse of scripture this week, 1 Nephi 16:16 which says that the Liahona led them to fertile parts of the wilderness so that they could find food in the wilderness. I applied that to myself in that the Spirit can lead us to find the areas/people/families who are ready to hear the gospel!

What do people wear here? Well, there are a lot of students, and they all have uniforms. The big colleges here in Alijis have white uniforms. But Bago college had a blue/gray uniform. Depende sa lugar. But if they are still in high school it really depends, all sorts of uniforms. But most of the girls have rather poofy, calf length skirts made of pretty stiff fabric. Some jobs have uniforms as well. But if not, the people wear whatever they have. The people here wear clothes past the point where they have holes and are see-through. Hahaha.

They clean here with muriatic acid. Intense stuff but it works. I heard of a drunk man who drank it... He died.

Permetheryn is used for pests like cockroaches. I definitely use it more than a few times a week. There are a lot of kinds of bleach here, which they use in laundry as well as powder or bar detergent, sometimes both. Then you need downy to rinse the clothes. If not, you have to rinse your clothes three times so they won't dry stiff.

Sister R and I have a lot of time with language. She wants me to speak in English at the house, which has turned out to be harder than I thought. I talk automatically in Ilonggo now... But it's better for her if I speak English. She had more than a few negative experiences with her English teachers in school, so I'll try to help her have a positive experience with speaking English.

Salamat gid sa inyo tanan! I love you all! I am trying to be the missionary that my mom thinks I am. ;)

Sister Marriott


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