Best Sunday!

Yesterday was probably one of the best Sundays! We had a lot of investigators at church. We also had great lessons in Relief Society and Gospel Principles, then Sister Infantado and I both gave talks in sacrament meeting. I had prayed about my topic and felt inspired to share about receiving revelation from the Holy Ghost. Sister Infantado's topic turned out to be related. My talk outline was composed almost completely of scripture references, many of which I used, but I found the direction of my study, and the words that came out of my mouth to be complementary, but not what I had planned. I felt that the Spirit really did guide me as I spoke of how we can recognize and be worthy of the Holy Ghost. It was a good feeling. I also don't think my Ilonggo has ever come out of my mouth so smoothly. The gift of tongues combined with the gift of....speaking. Haha but seriously.
This week we had exchanges. I stayed here in Old Sagay with Sister L. I learned a lot from her. She doesn't show off, but she is an excellent example of a successful missionary.
Sister Anunciado's birthday was on the 18th. She's only a few days older than me. Did I tell you she got transferred to Sagay Zone? I made a front and back cover on a planner for her this morning as a gift. Hope she likes it.
I have learned this week about the importance of bearing sincere testimony. There is power in a belief shared by the power of the Holy Ghost.
We will be having two baptisms this Saturday! Get ready for the photos next week!
What birds do you see?
There are a LOT of chickens. Just about every house has chickens. Some run wild, some are cooped up. Obviously the roosters are either tied or cooped. There are also doves. They are pretty! Some are white, but they are most often multi-colored. There are also smaller birds. Ordinary looking black ones. At night there are bats.
I actually have a question for Peter:
Do the people in your area have random nicknames?? Just about everyone here in the Philippines has a nickname. I have learned to really love them. For example, real name Eddilyn - nickname Yenyen. Real name Rachel - nickname Sweet. Real name Jericho - nickname Gokgok. Real name Jacoms - nickname Tong. Usually they are totally not related at all to the real names, but I did hear one this week. One sister in the ward is named Virginia. Her nickname is Virgie. Cute!

Love you all!


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