Elder Nelson, Language and Noises

So the whole mission is really excited right now because President Nelson is coming to visit us this Thursday! I've been trying to prepare a question for him and for the Spirit. Have any suggestions? Not that I'll be able to read your answers before the conference, but it's a good question to ponder. Actually PMG suggests that as a possible question to ask. If the prophet were here, what would you ask him? That's triggered a couple good responses from investigators.

Speaking of questions, Mom, I don't think I got around last week to answering your questions. Here we go:

How are your language skills progressing? I thought I would get to the point where I would understand every single word. Not yet.... I still write down words that I hear but dont understand every. single. day. Samples from this week:

front room of a house: "sala" (long a)
missing each other as in they just left and you just got there: "lamposana,"
break (in a car): "prino"
lose your voice: "paos"
iron: "sakal,"
in style/contagious/the thing right now: "uso"
tide: "taog"
move an object: "tulod."

Well, that was useful for me and Adam and KRISTEN. Hi, Kristen! ;)

Kristen is Sister Read. She and Sister Tangonan are already home! The environment of our apartment is different without them but okay man giapon. Sister Camo and Sister Fa'alogo are really fun. Sister Camo and I were neighbors in Bago and went on exchanges all the time.

We were hopefully going to have a baptism this week, but it was cancelled the night before because she got the flu. :( Next week na lang.

Second question:

What are noises that you hear? We hear a lot of noises like jeepneys and tricycles and people going by. We hear insects and lizards and the noises that strong wind makes when it hits houses and people and trees. Actually this week as we walked to our farthest area, the wind was really strong, and even though it wasn't noisy because we were just walking through fields, it was hard to talk to each other because the wind was just carrying out voices away.

I am already out of time!
Love you all!

Sister Marriott


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