Not Her Usual Self

MOM!! I'm so sorry I couldn't catch you on Skype! Last week we asked the computer shop if they had video chat and they said they did. Then we asked the owner (a member) yesterday if they would be open the next day. She said they would be. But then when we went, it was closed. So we went and got lunch first hoping that it would be open on our way back. Still closed. So then we decided to go the the center of Sagay City to try here. No video cameras here either. So then we "loaded" the phone and called. Only to get your message machine. Maybe I'll try again........   :((((

But anyway. I was sort of looking forward not having to write an email since I would be seeing you..... Oh well.

This week has been super tiring. I don't like myself when I don't get enough sleep. On Monday we traveled to Bacolod. Long drive. Then stopped for dinner and I think I found my favorite restaurant here in Bacolod. Chow King! Haha. It's a really common fast food place, but it's super good. I got the dumpling rice bowl and halo-halo. Halo-halo literally means mix-mix. I've tried it a few other times and have never really liked it very much. They put cubes of this gelatine sort, and banana, and ice, and corn, beans, evaporated milk, etc. If you get the good stuff it has ice-cream. So after trying halo-halo at a restaurant here in Old Sagay, Sister Infantado said I hadn't really had real halo-halo before and that we would go to Chow King because that is the place with good halo-halo. Sure enough. It had jackfruit, leche flan, a type of coconut called makapuno, ube icecream, etc. It was good!

Then we had MLC on Tuesday. It was inspiring as usual. I got to see Sister Dumapias, which I was super happy about. I love her! I saw Sister Aloc as well, and Sister Lewis, Sister Allegretti, Sister Schultz (all the sisters from my batch!). It was fun. The Assistants to the President all gave really good trainings and I felt that what they trained on was exactly what our zone needed to hear. So when we got back to Old Sagay, Sister Infantado and I just had a companionship study about how we would train for zone training. It was good. Then on Thursday we trained the zone on Faith, then our second training was on The Lord's Pattern,  and Priesthood Power. It was okay, but I learned a whoooole lot more in my study than I'm sure Sister Infantado and I were able to convey to the zone, but that's okay.

Anyway, with Monday travels, not sleeping well at the hosting apartment on Monday night, getting up early Tuesday morning for MLC, and thursday morning for zone training, and all the stress in between I was a little frazzled this week. I really love the routine of missionary life! Getting up 6:30, going to bed 10:30. But when that schedule is interrupted. Sister Marriott is not her usual happy self. But despite all that I had a really spiritual week. I LOVE personal study. It's great. And then in companionship study I often take notes when Sister Infantado shares what she learned's like general conference. :) She really is just that great!

So, I'm sorry again, Mom! I'll try calling again, BUT if I still can't catch you, I hope you had a wonderful mother's day, and I will definitely, for sure, absolutely see you in three months! :D I'm not counting the days, but I'm sure you are.

Sister Marriott
1 Nephi 7:12


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