Do you play chess?

Hello everyone, but especially SONJA!! Welcome to the world!

Once again, too many of you wrote me leaving me about 7 minutes to reply. I know, Mom, you told me to print the emails I get, but I still prefer just to read it once I'm in the computer shop rather than accumulating a mission worth of emails. Anyway, I never know what to write you all anyway...

Sister Infantado continues to be one of the best companions I've ever had. We are excited tomorrow to give a training in Zone Conference. (Sorry if I misled you to think that that was over. Not yet. Last week was just a council meeting). 

We are giving our training on companionship inventory, which I have a testimony of. Companionship inventory can do great things. Out of small and simple things are great things brought to pass. 

Haha! There was one member yesterday who said to me (and I translate this):

"Chess. Chess. Do you play chess?"
"Uh....I know how to.."
"Let's play!!"
I tried to kindly explain that I am a missionary and can't just play chess. But then he quickly said that he meant tomorrow, Monday

Hahaha! That still won't be happening even though it is p-day. But I got a good laugh out of it, and thought about Peter and Papi. 

BYE! Love you all

Sister Marriott


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