Hello everyone!

So this week went by so quickly. Not to mention APRIL. Can't believe that happened. Totally don't know where that went.

So I have no idea what to write. What was your question, Mom? Oh yeah "What flowers do you see?"

There are a lot of flowers here. But not the type that you see in America. I have no idea what their names are. But I imagine they are the same kinds of flowers you would see in Hawaii or other islands.

We had a really great lesson with R.D. this week. Lesson 1, principles 4-6. Or basically from Christ's ministry until the Restoration! R. is a cousin of some active members and we heard that her dad was baptized when he was young as well, but hasn't been to church since he was a teenager. But we haven't met him yet. I really love how the Spirit feels in lessons. Words come out of my mouth that definitely did not come from my own self. Explanations come that I never thought to say. Questions and promised blessing and testimony that we had never said before just came out of our mouths. The last time we taught her we asked her to pray to know if Thomas S. Monson was a true prophet. When we followed up, she said she prayed! We asked how she felt. She said "nakurog 'ko." or it means that her body trembled or shook. But we asked if it was a good kind of feeling and she said "Oo." :) God's ways are not our ways.

Sister Infantado said afterwards, "Nami gid sa lesson, sister." She said she got goosebumbs. I can't actually remember the word for goosebumps right now. Hm...I would recognize it if I heard it.
I am super excited for tomorrow!! We have MLC again! Super excited to receive inspiration!!

I started a new study journal this week. I am determined to make it the best study journal of my mission. I really see the difference in my study when I write down insights and when I don't. Infinitely better when I write it down. Lesson learned.

Okay, gotta go! SEE you next week! :D

Love you all!!
Sister Marriott


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