More Effective and Efficient


So this week was fairly normal. We are stoked for some upcoming baptisms and full of hope for a few new families that we're teaching.

Sister Infantado continues to cough. We both keep praying that she'll get better.

Last week in companionship inventory, Sister Infantado and I talked about teaching lesson one. I wanted to shake things up a bit. Well, we got out answer at MLC! The new APs gave training on how to teach the whole lesson one in the very first sitting. Usually, we teach it in two lessons, or sometimes three lessons. Principles 1-3, 4-6 (or 1-6), 7-8. Usually we do it so that we can really get them to understand and also because their attention spans are not very long. But the APs trained that teaching it in one lesson will actually make the message make more sense. They taught us a more effective and time efficient way. Just what we needed. We've been trying it out with some of our new investigators. So far, so good!

Sorry for the shortness of the email. But I gotta go! Love you all!

Say Hi to Peter when he gets home!!

Sister Marriott


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