New Little House

Hey everyone!

So this week was irregular. After spending only about three days with the two other companionships in Sagay. Sister Ramiro, my new companion, and I moved houses to a house in Old Sagay, which is our area. It was super fun, but we keep finding things that we need but don't have. Our house is super perfect. It's a brand-new little house. It has absolutely no furniture, which stinks because we have been eating on the floor, but it's nice that it is so clean and un-cluttered.

Mom, to answer your questions, yes, we shower here with buckets and pail. We actually have two bathrooms in this house (super lucky!) and they both have shower heads that don't really work very well at all. More like the walls get wet instead of you. So I've been showering from a bucket as usual. Except Sister Ramiro and I only have one small bucket and no pail. I used a drinking glass instead and it slipped from my hand this morning, fell, and broke. Gone. Dead. Destroyed. :P

This area has been having a lot of baptisms in the last year or so. We don't have a baptism this week, but we do have a wedding! I'll let you know how that goes. It will the 3rd wedding for my investigators so far in my mission. The ward so far has been really supportive. So that's great.

Sister Ramiro is super great. She asks referrals from literally EVERYONE. We have a ton of work to do contacting them, but it's always a good finding experience.

Did I tell you last week that I just became an STL? Yeah. That happened. I am about to travel to Bacolod in a couple hours for MLC tomorrow. Old Sagay is the farthest from Bacolod that I've ever been. about 2.5 hours by bus. My other areas were all about 45 minutes away.

And then I'm REALLY looking forward to conference. That will be great.

Love you all!

Sister Marriott


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