Super Great Week

Dear family mine,

Sister Infantado and I had a super great week! I have been amazed as we've seen the miracles occur. We met one part-member family just yesterday that turned out to have gone to church last week as well as yesterday! Two of them are investigators that are super receptive.

Sister Infantado and I have been finding like crazy!! We had 52 new investigators this week and have already followed up on quite a few of them.

I love being a missionary!

What are the houses like in your area?

Most of the houses here are made out of bamboo. Whole pillars of bamboo are used for the frame of he house, and then split pieces are used to make the walls, etc. Sorry, not the best explanation. The roofs are usually made out of a plant called nipa. Nipa leaves are long and skinny and are used as the roofs. Maybe I'll try to snap a picture this week.

If a family is medyo well to do, they have concrete floors. Sometimes they are lucky and have a tin roof. Rich people have completely concrete houses made out of hollow blocks and cement pillars with steel roofs.

Time up! I love you all!

Sister Marriott


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