Don't Want to go Home!


So I finished packing last night (yeah, mom, I did leave a lot of my clothes behind). Then I tried to sleep....yeah I couldn't sleep. Don't take it personally, but I don't want to go home! :( I will miss everything about my mission. I have loved being companions with Sister Infantado. She is one of the Lord's elect missionaries. Love her to pieces.

So we had a baptism on Saturday of Elaidya (pronounced sort of like Elijah). She is the daughter of a less-active member who is in the process of returning. She [Elaidya] is always the earliest of everyone except Bishop at church every Sunday. That is one of my favorite kind of people. The kind of people who simply aren't members because they know not where to find it. But once they find it, they're always there.

I have nooooo time. Everyone decided to write me on my last Monday. Hahaha! Love you all.

Sister Marriott


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