Miracles Happened

Loved ones,

So a lot of you wrote me! Thanks for all of your emails! I love you all!

I have been having a great time in Silay East Ward! I just really love this area. We have some really great new investigators who have some great potential. 

We taught a couple hard lessons this week, but we also extended a lot of baptismal dates! I was really proud of Sister Anunciado because, since she's in week 12 of training, that was her responsibility. She did great and extended to people even when they would probably say no, but then miracles happened and they said yes! We both agreed that the Spirit really is present as that questions is asked. Will you follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God? It is a very important question, and I really have seen that people are really guided by the Spirit when they answer yes.

We have another mission tour! Elder Haynie is coming! We are super excited. It seems like just yesterday Elder Bowen was here. We will be talking about prayer, finding, and the story of Enoch. That should be a good training. :) 

Bye! Thank you all!

Sister Marriott


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