Seeing through Heavenly Father's Eyes


Sister Anunciado had a super fast week! I felt like.....not even two days has gone by this week! Time flies when you're a missionary!

We had another successful baptism of Lina. I'll forward the email from Sister Anunciado about it to you, Mom. We are now required to send pictures and stories of our baptismal candidates to the office and to President Barredo.

I have just really been learning to appreciate the sacrament. We were asked in a lesson yesterday, "So if you sin again, do you have to be baptized again??" Sister Anunciado and I were talking about that, and I told her that I would never want to go without taking the sacrament. If you don't take the sacrament once, that means you have half a month of sin to carry around! No thanks. It is much better to repent and take the sacrament.

I have also appreciated this week the perspective that missionary work gives. Added to that, I love the take that Elder Renlund gave in his talk about seeing people through Heavenly Father's eyes. That really changes everything.

So, I'm at a loss at what to write!!

But that is not an indication of my lack of love for you all because I love you all so very very dearly!!


Sister Marriott


Email from Sister Anunciado to Mission President: Lina was first contacted by Sister Marriott and Sister Dumapias. She talked to one of the recent convert who lived in the same place where she lived and told that she wanted to listen to their message.Her first lesson was in at the house of another investigator.Her baptismal date was moved a couple of times.She had a hard time going to church because her income is not enough to sustain their needs already. Nevertheless we promised her that if she will pray to Heavenly Father and talked to him about her situation, she will received divine help.She did so and after that we literally saw that Heavenly Father helped her to obey His commandments and eventually be prepared to receive her baptism.We also found out that she thinks that if she'll be baptized it's useless because she can't bring her whole family with her yet. Nevertheless, she said in her testimony at her baptism that if she will lead and example in her family by being baptized she will be able to bring them to knowledge of our God

Tessa's Emails to Mission President: Sister Dumapias and I first met Jamela and her sister at church when
she came with her aunt, Jean. When we first visited her, we were happy to find that she already knew how to pray. We struggled a little to teach according to her needs because she is so shy! But little-by-little she opened up to us. We extended baptismal dates to her mom and her younger sister who both said no, but Jamela chose to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized. We hope that her family will follow as well. For a few months, although she was going to church semi-regularly, she had not yet read from the Book of Mormon. It was then that Sister Anunciado and I applied the inspired teaching from Preach My Gospel to leave specific reading assignments. Now she reads! She was baptized on February 20, 2016. There were many family members there to support her decision to be baptized, including her mom and her sisters!

Juanito is 82 years old. Sister Dumapias and I first contacted him on October 23, 2015 when he
was referred by a member. We gave him the restoration pamphlet in the first lesson, and when we followed through on our second lesson, he had already read the whole pamphlet and had questions! He has spent years trying to find the truth and has been very active in some other churches. But he told another investigator of ours that here in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints he has found light to his understanding. His progression accelerated when he first learned how to pray sincerely and with real intent. He has added scripture reading to his prayer, and is now reading in Alma! I also remember that at first we just seemed like a couple naive young women to him. Now he sees us as representatives of Jesus Christ! His left foot has been infected for many months, but he still manages to go to church regularly, sometimes at great inconvenience to him. Although he and we have invited his family members to join the lessons and attend church, they continue to seem uninterested. But we will keep trying so that Juanito can be with them and with our Heavenly Father forever!


Silay East
Sister Marriott
Sister Anunciado


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