Hello you wonderful people!! 
First and foremost I was super surprised that Mitch died!!! How sad! I am super shocked. He is a super great guy. He was my first competitive dance partner where we actually made it to finals! Haha. We spent many fun/long hours practicing. I just can't believe it. Poor Brittney!!

Choir for Elder Nelson's Visit
Okay, well I guess I have to write about other things, no? To start off, I'll answer your question mom.

Does everyone have gadgets and cellphones? Just about all teenagers have cell phones, but not all of their parents do. Usually it's just a really cheap phone, but the rich kids have touch screens. But then if you go to some f the poorer or farming areas, not very many people at all have cell-phones. One brgy of ours there is only a few people in that place that have cell-phones, so we text those people and then they are the ones who tell the others in that area about what we texted. It turns out okay.

This week was great! Sister Anunciado and I were able to find some new investigators that have some good potential and we also got three referrals, so that should be great! But most of all, I learned a lesson about love.

To begin with, last week was.......I was irritable. I blamed it on my allergies which were acting up and making it hard to breathe (which turned my heart to Grandka. How hard it must be for her not to be able to breathe!), but it also made me irritable. I know I used to get irritated a lot, but I'm not exaggerating when I say that here in the mission, I really do not get irritated very easily. So I was surprised at myself, and did some pondering. I also took allergy medicine and prayed a lot. I prayed specifically for charity. That's when the miracle happened.

The Lord just gave me a new perspective. I want to emphasize here that it is definitely a gift from the Lord because it certainly did not originate from my own carnal-woman self. I was able to see people as children of God. One moment in particular I remember when one dad chose not to join a lesson, but at the end he did pop his head in. The natural-woman self of mine could have thought: Why didn't he join the lesson?? And judge him for his choice, but instead I thought: "Tatay is so beautiful." Tatay or father, but everyone calls old men, Tatay. Anyway. I want to be clear that Tatay is not at all handsome. But I realized that my perspective of even people's appearance changed when I had charity for them. Even ugly people can appear beautiful when we love them.

Then again in our gospel principles class, the ward mission leader showed a bible video about Jesus Christ's life. I think it was called "for this cause was I born." It was really touching, and I noticed how Christ truly cared and loved for others. I briefly thought: "Of course, because He knows who they are, where they're from, what kind of past they had. He knows everything." But as soon as I thought that, the Spirit said, "But you know that they are children of God. Do you need a better reason than that to love them?"

Charity never faileth.

I have charity for you all!! :)

Sister Marriott


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