Bago 2nd Ward


I am here safe in the Philippines Bago 2nd Ward. Church yesterday was really good. It went by so fast. It was weird at the end of the day though because it didn't feel like Sunday since we went out and worked as usual.

The Manila MTC was pretty chaotic. Nothing like the Provo MTC really. Every meeting started late or didint' happen until days later...We would be on our way to TRC and be ushered into a devotional we didn't know we were supposed to go to. Super weird. Oh well. They also didn't give us nearly enough study time.

Haha. I complained about not enough study time and Sister Allegretti said, "Who are you???"

I guess a nerd...I love study time so much.

My trainers name is Sister Ortiz. She is a native Philipina but speaks only Tagalog natively. I realized yesterday that she reminds me of Julia. I couldn't stop recognizing more and more things that she does that reminds me of Julia once I made the connection. Random.
She is a hard worker. She's had a hard time this last transfer because she only had short term companions who didn't really grow to care about the area since they knew they wouldn't be there for very long. It must have been frustrating. I'm her first trainee, but I wouldn't know it. She's great.
We do a lot of visiting less-actives and recent converts, which I am really glad about. The last couple days, the ward mission leaders have been really good about coming with us. They are so good to work with us all day long. It's good to have other people other than Sister Ortiz who can actually speak Ilonggo.
Speaking of Ilonggo, I have been having a hard time with the language. I can usually express what I want to say, but understanding is a whole different thing. I can't really understand very much at all. Even if I do understand three words in a sentence, I'm still at a loss to what they're talking about. I think I have the gift of tongues, just not the interpretation of tongues. Haha! I think it's funny. People hear me speak and then think that I can understand too....nope. I have been doing my best to listen though. Really truly. Although it is really hard to listen for hours without understanding very much at all. And I've been praying for both the gift of tongues and the interpretation of tongues.
This really is the real deal! I'm finally doing real missionary work! I am really happy. Yes, the language is hard, but I have faith that it will get better.
The kids here love me. "Sister Sister!" And then they feel my skin and say, "Puti." So amazed. One girl even asked me what soap I use!! Hahaha!
One thing that I've learned going to different people's houses is that it is so apparent if the Spirit is there or not. A few times I've been in a house and realized that the Spirit is not a common visitor there. It makes me sad. So I pray in my heart that Heavenly Father will send his Spirit to be there.

Thank you for all you do for me! I love you all so much!!

Sister Marriott


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