I Care, Read and Try My Best

Wow! The family reunion sounds super fun. I still have in my mind that it is winter in the states...because I left winter and arrived to summer, and it's still summer here, so it seems like it should also still be winter there. Messing with my mind.

This week a couple of our investigators came with us to other lessons after we finished teaching them. In one case, Bubbles (investigator) came with us to visit some less-actives. She left her Libro ni Mormon at her balay, so when we asked her to read, she borrowed mine. After she read, she seemed to be absorbed in reading all of my marks. Whenever I don't understand a word in Hiligaynon, I read the English to find out what it means and then write the English word above the HIligaynon one with a fine pen that doesn't bleed through. She was carefully reading each one with a flashlight since they are really small. Probably one of the most proud moments of my mission. I was so glad that I had put in time reading the HIligaynon Libro ni Mormon. It is very "deep Hiligaynon, which I like to compare to Shakespeare English compared to modern English, but it is actually even deeper than Shakespeare English....pretty hard for a lot of people to understand--especially since reading is not a regular a super common hobby in Filipino culture. But I was glad that she could tell from my copy of the Libro ni Mormon that I care, read, and try my best to understand.

I just wrote Katie about how I loved that Peter said he's never been happier. I am convinced that the happiest way to live is the law of consecration. I am so lucky to spend 18 months living it!! 

Thank you for all your support! I love you all!

Sister Marriott


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