Recharge and Refocus

Birthday 'Cakes'

Sister Nelsa

Sister Nelsa's Baptism


I'm glad you had beet cake! Haha! Did Papi have a good father's day? I still think it's a shame how little attention father's day gets in compared to mother's day. I don't get it....

That's one thing I've definitely seen in the member families here. If the father is less-active, the whole family is less-active. If the father is active, the whole family is active. Fathers are so important!! 

Angela's Baptism
I was bragging to Sister Santos about how honest Papi is. I remember you telling me about how closely he measures his personal miles on

his truck, etc. Integrity is more than just not telling lies, and Papi is a good example of that.
One of the things that I love about the Philippines. The grandparents are taken care of. Everyone lives together. Often I'm so confused who are the grandparents, parents, and which children go to which parents, etc. Family is so important here. 

This week has been full of learning experiences for me. I have been able to recharge and refocus on the work. I've really felt like I've been able to be an instrument in the Lord's hands these last few weeks. The people here are in so much need, and I have just love them! But even before any of their financial or other needs, I know that what they really need most is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That is what is missing in their lives! 

Tessie and Joselito's Wedding
Sorry, the price of pictures is a short email.....

Love you all!
Sister Marriott


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