Eating Everything

Akon Hinigugma nga Pamilya!!

This has been a good week. It looks like you are all having fun in Canada!! I loved the pictures!

Sister Aloc has been a great cook this week! We take turns leading the grocery shopping in the market, and last Monday was her week, so she planned a bunch of yummy meals. The most famous being "Bicol Express" which is wonderfully spicy, has tiny shrimp, and a coconut milk sauce. I've noticed this week that Sister Aloc has proudly told several people that "Sister Marriott eats everything!" (except siempre in Ilonggo) and it made me realize that that is the opposite of what I'm used to. 

So many tiny miracles happen everyday. Too many to write! But we are soooooo busy. We work from 6:30am to 10:30pm gid. So much to do, so much to update, so much to remember. Opening an area is harder than I thought. We are so tired, but yet we're doing fine at the same time. Sister Aloc keeps saying how "this is hard, but we don't really feel the burden." It's so true. Everything is easier the Lord's way. 

That's exactly what I was thinking yesterday in my personal study. I found a great scripture in Mosiah 3:16 about little children being saved through the Atonement. It might turn out to be a better scripture to share than the heavy lecture that Mormon gave at the end of the Book of Mormon, depending how sensitive the investigator is. But I just began to marvel how even if we have no sin, we still need the Savior. That is why it is so important to understand the fall of Adam and Eve. Everyone needs Him. 

I love the Plan of Salvation. 

Sorry!! I'm out of time already. Love you all!!
Sister Marriott


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