My dear family,

At Zone Conference on Thursday, President Barredo challenged us to OYM (open your mouth) to 20 people in one day. So 140 for one week! Sister Aloc and I already felt stretched at 7 in one day, but we took the challenge. The next day we OYMed 22 people! It felt so good. I commented to her at the end of the day that we worked harder, but yet I wasn't really tired. Blessings of obedience!! 

It sounds like Peter and I both have really cheerful companions! Sister Aloc is so happy all of the time. She is so full of faith. I love her prayers. I told her that the hardest commandment for me is praying sincerely. I'm working on my prayers. Actually, I have been working on praying sincerely for years. But I know that God is my Heavenly Father and that He wants to hear from me. 

Something really embarrassing happened yesterday!! Humbling experiences always happen when you start improving. The Lord wants me to become fluent, but to remain humble at the same time. So "Tag balay" is what you say outside of a house, instead of knocking. It is short for "tagia sang balay" which means "owner of the house." Kag "maayong gabi" means "good evening." Whenever we pass someone while walking, even if we don't OYM them, we say "Maayong gabi!!" But yesterday night I said, "Tag balay!!" to someone as we passed him, He chuckled and replied, "Maayong gabi man." It was then that Sister Aloc and I realized that I had tag balay-ed him. Ah! We laughed and laughed. I'm so used to "knocking" on peoples doors!! Hahaha! 

Sorry gid for such a short email! I love you all!!
Sister Marriott


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