Transferred Again

Hi family!!

I just got transferred to Selay East Ward. Sister R will train again, but the new arrivals don't arrive until Wednesday, so she and Sister Lewis (my first companion at the MTC), who is also going to train, are going to work together in Alijis until Wednesday.

So, last Tuesday President Barredo came to our district meeting and was disappointed to see that not everyone had brought their Bible (I didn't have one because I left it on a jeepney a couple weeks ago and haven't been able to get it back--don't worry, I ordered a new one). He then told us we needed to bring our Bible to every lesson. So we started lugging around Sister R's big Bible. It is super heavy, but it also has weight in the lessons. :) Especially, we saw this week that it helps when it comes to teaching people about the nature of God. So many people here think that Jesus and God the Father are one person. It is helpful to use the Bible in order to show them that Jesus is an exact likeness of the Father, which means that Heavenly Father must also have a body. Then we also shared Acts 7:55-56 about how Stephan saw the Son of Man standing on the right hand of God. I watched the change in our investigators eyes as he realized who God was. Only if we know who God is can we really begin to have faith in Him.

How does that bathroom getted cleaned? Here we call it the CR, which is short for comfort room I think. Filippinos love abbreviations by the way. I usually use a big scrub brush and some powder soap which is sort of like Comet. I also use an old toothbrush, as usual. :)

Thanks for all of your letters! I loved reading them!

Sister Marriott


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