Liberating Wheelchair


I love that picture of Papi. Put it on the blog...? 

Oo. They call us Seester. Or sis. Which they shouldn't do, but they call the bishop, shup.... haha.

In my personal study this morning, I read "Pursuing your desire to learn is important to your salvation and your success as a missionary." - PMG, pg. 24. I loved it so much that I wrote it in my planner. By the way, my second planner in the field!! I've been here for a transfer already! 

Me with Sis. Villar,
one of the sisters who works with us. :) 
On Saturday, our ward did 40 hours of service to get the wheelchair for Sis. Nelsa, our investigator, and then today I, Sis. Ortiz, and some members who own a van, drove Sis. Nelsa to Bacolod in order to get it. She was soooo happy and keeps saying how we're angels to her, and how she knows that the Lord has sent us to her, and how beautiful we are. She is one of our several golden converts, so excited to go to church! We passed the church on our way out of Bago and she said it looks like"Paraiso: Balay sang Dyos." She is so good. She has been home bound for 3 years since her stroke that left the left side of her body paralyzed. 

I finished reading the BOM again this morning in my personal study. My branch president in the MTC challenged us to start from the beginning again and read 30 minutes a day. That's what I'm still doing. I loved reading it at the pace that I did. Pretty fast. That way it's easy to remember previous passages and connect them to each other. But as I was reading in PMG in Chapter 2: Effective Study, I was impressed that I should start again but read slowly, really taking in the doctrines, connecting each doctrine or idea to each other, marking carefully, thinking of ways that I can change my own life and how I can help my investigators change theirs. If I did all of those things, I would have to slow down a bit. 

Yup! Sister Ortiz is great. I forgot to respond to one of your previous questions about her English. Her English is great. She is completely fluent, maybe with the exception of knowing idioms. :) But that's totally fine. I'm so glad she's fluent, but sometimes I wish she weren't because it's so tempting to speak to her in English instead of Ilonggo. 

Sigi! I love you all. Stay well. 
Sister Marriott


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