Lucky to be in the Philippines!

Brother Dexter and Nanay

Dear Mom,

Happy Mother's Day!!

So yeah, like I told you, Sister Ortiz has a thorn or something in her foot, which has been there for about five we spent most of this week on exchanges since she couldn't work. The members were really good with helping us out, since someone had to be with her at our boarding house, and someone else had to go out and work with me. But it turned out that she didn't have surgery today, but she will have it on Thursday after our zone conference. I am glad to be able to work with her again. It's really exhausting to go on exchanges and lead everything. So I get almost a normal week with her before she has a whole week of rest after the surgery. 
I gave my second talk on Sunday

Yeah. I love my mission. Sometimes, especially on the tricycles when the wind is rushing in my face so that I can barely open my eyes, and I just have a moment to think to myself, I think: "I'm so lucky to be in the Philippines!" 

I'm sorry this is so short, I spent too much time trying to send emails....that don't want to send. Oh well, I got some off to you. 

I love you all!
Sister Marriott

Service to get wheelchair for Sister Nelsa
I love my MTC batchmates!


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