More Miracles


Yes. I can skype for strictly 30 minutes. It will probably be around 8:30am my time on Monday. Which should be early evening for you on Sunday. If skype doesn't work I can give you a phone number for you to call.

This week has been a week of miracles! So many of our investigators came to church yesterday! And a lot of recent converts as well!! A few for the first time! How great was my joy!! And how much greater must be the joy of Christ, since every person who has ever or will ever return to God does so through Him! 

One of the investigators who came to church was Sister Nelsa! So many people welcomed her! I got to be the person who moved her from the tricycle to the wheelchair and then back after church. At first she said, "Lalaki lang!" Which means that she wanted a boy to carry her. But the tricycle driver said I was strong enough, so I moved her. Then she said in English: "You are very beautiful. And very strong." HAHA! She probably weighs a slim 90 pounds, if not less. She's tiny. 

We have a baptism this Saturday for Bro. Dexter Garseniego. He is perfectly golden! 

We had follow up training on Wednesday. It was so great to see my batch-mates from the MTC!!! I'll have to send you the picture later. Maybe next week. Wednesday felt like Sunday just because I felt so spiritually filled afterwards.

I'm sorry this is so short! I still have to email President Ferrin. I am so excited to skype you next week!! 

I love you all so much!
Sister Marriott


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