You want more chatty emails??? I don't know how to small talk..... haha

Okay, so this area is more well to do. There is one area that is sometimes referred to as the "squaters area," but it is more well to do than some of the nicest places in Bago. Haha. Although there are poor people here too. 

I ate squid adobo this week! Haha. Sister Aloc was afraid that I wouldn't like it. I did. Squid is....gummy, but is empty on the inside, so really you're eating a chewy tube. It was fun! 

Sister Aloc is a graduate from BYU Hawaii in business. We've had a lot of fun and spiritual experiences. In our mission, we begin companionship study by singing a hymn. This morning we sang #44 Beautiful Zion. Afterwards she commented that while we were singing it was as if there were angels in the room. I said to her, "Siguro!" Which means "probably."

Ahh....I'm almost out of time already. Ah!! I'm so sorry. 

Sister Marriott


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