Newsy Letter

Okay, so I'm not super happy that you want newsy letters, but I'm sure I'll be happy that I did once my memory starts to fade....

So yesterday, we had lunch at the church before an auxiliary meeting (Where we only stayed for the first 5 minutes or so to give a little presentation), and I ate dinuguan, which is pig-blood sauce that you put over rice. It was good!! A little bit spicy, which was perfect. The clumps of pig blood were a little weird. They think we Americans are crazy for not using the blood of the pig. They look at it as such a waste.

So yeah, it used to be bawal (or against the rules) for missionaries to eat it, but our new mission president, President Barredo, tells us to use wisdom in what we eat. But there isn't any forbidden foods outside the word of wisdom. I also remember that Papi gave me a father's blessing before I left, in which he blessed me with wisdom to know which foods to eat. So I try to use my wisdom.

Speaking of food. Sister Aloc and I both love experimenting with food, so we've had a healthy week of eating. Her family has a long history of "high blood" and diabetes, so I think she has extra motivation from that to eat healthy. She is also a runner! Hopefully we'll go running soon, especially since this is a safer area.

One thing that everyone says here is how tall my nose is. And, I'm not lying, I have gotten so used to looking at all the Philipinos with flat noses that sometimes when I look at myself in the mirror, I go "Uh! My nose!" It really is so pokey. Even in America...

Sister Aloc is such a great companion. One morning I found cat vomit on my shoes...but before I could get to them, Sister Aloc cleaned them for me!

Sister Aloc is also reaaaally cheesy. She always says things like, "I feel like I'm in the prime of my mission, tungod ara si Sister Marriott." Or because you're here.

Hahaha! She's crazy. But we have fun. 

Chatty enough for you, Mom? 

Sister Aloc and I are really trying to focus on finding. May kulang pa kami sang mga investigators. We have been studying PMG about finding, and I've found that really helps. I remember that Elder Oaks said that we need to be fishers of men the whole day, not just in lessons. We need to see people on the streets as prospective inhabitants of the Celestial Kingdom.  

I have really felt that we have to rely on the Lord. Miracles happen every day. It's wonderful to see that the Lord can work through us.

Love (and praying for) you all,

Sister Marriott


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