New Area

My family!

I am writing from Bacolod. I got transferred today to Alijis. My new companion is Sister Aloc, a native. We are opening an area! Other missions call that whitewashing or shotgun, but we just say opening an area. Sister Aloc is super nice and positive and smiley. She trained after three months. And now this is both our second area! We've already been on an adventure trying to find our way around since we are both new here........But we already have a motto: "Lantawon naton." Or it means, "We'll see." Because we're always asking each other questions, and we don't know the answers. So we just say, "We'll see." 

I found out I was transferring yesterday at about 3:30pm during our companionship study after church. 

I did not sleep well last night. My mind wouldn't let me forget that I was transferring. I loved Bago!! That's funny to me. I slept fine the day before I entered the MTC and even the day before we flew to the Philippines. But not last night. I don't know if I even really fell into a deep enough sleep to really be called sleep. But I'm excited giapon! I know that the Lord can work miracles anywhere. 

But this week in general has been one of personal revelation. I have really been trying to understand the Atonement and how I can use it in my life. Also I've been focusing on relying on the Spirit. It's been a really fast week. I thought: Time flies when you are being spiritually fed." But then I changed the sentence to be: "Time flies when you are feasting on the word of Christ" because I didn't like the passiveness of the sentence. We are never fed. WE are the ones who eat. It is not enough to sit at the table (go to church, be in the mission-field, etc), we have to do the eating in order to be spiritually filled. Yet Christ is the one who changes us. 

I also found a lot of comfort from John 15 where the Lord calls his disciples his "friends." I think I've always thought of myself as a mission as a servant of the Lord, but it really takes a whole new perspective to think of myself as the Lord's friend. He trust me with so much! The condescension of God really is so great! He has all power, but He lets us poor mortals be His representatives.

Out of time already! 
Love you all!!!!

Sister Marriott


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