I just love my mission!

The Best of the Best,

What do I notice in people that impress me? Good question. People that impress me are people who are firm in resisting temptation. I just think it's so great when our investigators really stop drinking, smoking, drinking coffee, etc. even though it means that they lose a lot of friends. But they gain a very important Friend in return. 

Insects? There are a lot here. Mosquitos, cockroaches, flies, ants. But most especially ants and mosquitos. Yup. It's not fun, but it's life. 

I feel like last week I had more to say than I have time. Today is the opposite..... 

What are hairstyles you see? 

I see a lot of haircuts that are called "undercuts" here. It's when they trim the sides really close but the top is just left to grow long. Super ugly. There are also a lot of rat-tail haircuts and men with long hair. Girl haircuts are usually normal. It's the men that look undignified.

What games do the kids play?

The kids here play races with old bike tires. They also play games with their flip-flops, which looks really fun. Don't know what it's called. They also have a coin-toss gambling game that even the kids play. They draw a box in the sand and then try to get the coin in the middle out by hitting it with other coins. Or something like that. Sometimes even grown men play it too. 

I have just loved this week! We sent around a sign up sheet to all the ward missionaries so that they could sign up for what time they could work with us. It worked really well, and we had more members than usual work with us this week. It really makes a difference when there is a member present in the lessons. 

One of the members that worked with us stopped on our way to the house of an investigators to pick something up from the trail. It was a chess piece! He gave it to me as a souvenir! I thought of Elder Marriott. :D 

I just love my mission! And I really love this area and my companion and everything! 

Glad you had a good birthday, Mom!

Sister Marriott


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