Jocelyn's Baptism

Happy Birthday, Mom and Jameson! I'm glad you were both born.

So the best part of this week was the baptism of Jocelyn on Friday. It was our first baptism at the river near her house. It was a scramble to get enough priesthood to attend, but it was probably the best baptismal service so far in my mission. I loved that a lot of our investigators attended and participated in the baptismal program. They are all looking forward to their own baptisms. 

A sort of recently returned member, Noel, was ordained a priest a few weeks back, and he was able to be the one to baptize her. It was great because he is also from Makamig 3 which is where Jocelyn is from, and he's been a great fellowshipper for our many investigators there. We gave him the words to practice and taught him the hand positions, etc. He practiced again and again, "Having been commissioned of Jesus Christ...." 

When it came to the baptismal proper, he said the words perfectly. When he said, "Amen," Jocelyn said a very loud and hardy "AMEN!" before being immersed in the water. Haha! :D I just love them! 

I forgot last week to tell you about the Philippines-wide broadcast that we attended. It was great! The area presidency all spoke and gave some wonderful insights. I just love the Philippines and especially the people here more and more every day, especially when I learn things like: The members in the Philippines submitted more names to the temple than any other country outside of the United States! I have really seen the wonderful result that the Spirit of Elijah has on the hearts of people here. 

I'm already out of time, but I'll try to answer your questions next week, Mom! 

Love you all!
Sister Marriott


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