I'm back in France!

Dear family and friends, 

Blue Mold on Cheese. On purpose! 
It snowed! Usually it doesn't stick I guess.
This has been a great week. We did a lot of trying to stop by less active but it would turn out the addresses weren't correct. But we also had a couple really great lessons. On Thursday we had a lesson with R. She is so amazing. We taught her first about prayer and the plan of salvation. She told us that before she met the missionaries she had a dream where she met the sister missionaries and came to church. She said when she met the sisters she felt like she knew them already and when she came to church it all seemed familiar and then she remembered her dream. She is the most humble person. She asked so many questions. They were somewhat tricky questions but they were the best because she was asking them simply because she wanted to understand. She asked why baptism is important, if we would recognise people we know after death, if there is such thing as hell, what we do if we sin after baptism, etc. She told us that in her previous church her minister wouldn't let them read the Bible for themselves because he said they couldn't understand. So of course it really touched her when we encouraged her to read, pray, and learn for herself. It was also evident that she could feel the Holy Ghost and recognise the goodness of the Gospel. I love her so much!!

We had district meeting this week and I got to see Sœur C. We made tarteflette together. I was so happy to see her! She is the best. I was so blessed to have her and Sœur R.

We also had a baptism of R's friend, Hon Saturday. It was the sweetest evening ever. All of the missionaries sang "I Feel My Savior's Love" and H just sat and cried. She is also from the Philippines. When I see H, R, and their member friend B who brought them both to the church, it seems like they have the biggest hearts I've ever seen. They are so petite, but they're just brim full of goodness, humility, love, and happiness. I love them all. The next day at church Helen came up to us and gave us the all a big hug. So sweet!

We also had a lesson with a sixteen year old girl named Shalimar. She had been coming to church, seminary, and YW's all by herself with a member friend. She says she wants to get baptized, but her dad is Muslim and her mom is a less active member. Her dad doesn't approve of her coming to church and everything, but her mom is okay with it. It was the first time we had met with her. We had Sœur Wilson with us and she told about how her dad was against her going on a mission because he's inactive. She decided on her own that it was the right thing to do. He hasn't talked to her the whole mission, but she said she doesn't regret it at all. She said that the blessings have been worth it. I hope that her testimony have Shalimar some strength to talk to her dad and decide to join the church.

So now I'm in a trio! The other sister had to go home which was really sad. Now I have Sœur W and Sœur S as companions. They are the STL's in the zone. We had to move to the apartment in France yesterday. Also now we are over both the English and the French wards here. Yesterday I bore my testimony in the French ward and have a talk about charity in the English ward. We also got to go to ward counsel. I was really impressed by the ward counsel. You could really see how much they cared about the members of the ward and also our investigators. I'm grateful to see their examples as a missionary.
I wish I had more time to write!

I love you all!!

Sœur Marriott


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