Christmas Plans

Dear Family,

So this week has been a good one! We have seen miracles this week. We have been so lucky to run into former investigators (who were taught in the '90s). It is interesting to hear their stories. Missionary work is definitely different now than it was then, but they still seemed to have good experiences. Maybe their time to finally accept the gospel is right now. I love running into former investigators because it just shows how much Heavenly Father wants to give them another chance. He loves them so much!!

Love. That is one thing I've been praying for. More specifically for charity, but love all the same. Moroni tells us that we receive charity from the Father through the prayer of faith. Charity does not come from us. It is a gift of God to those who follow Him.

What are your plans for Christmas Day?
We have a lunch and dinner appointment, but I think we might have to cancel the dinner appointment because we just heard from the mission office that we have to be in our apartments by 6pm on Christmas. When should I call you, BTW? Peter is calling in the afternoon, maybe I'll call in the evening for you all. Would you prefer the morning or evening? When it's evening for you on the 25th, it's morning for me on the 26th, which works out for me. Depende sa inyo....

Does your companion have any quirky habits?:)
Mm, Sister Dumapias? Not really. Nope. 

Thank you for all your prayers! I am so grateful for all of you! 
Sister Marriott


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