What a Miracle

December 6, 2015

My Family,

So this week has been great!
Caught praying :)
So we just happened to stumble upon four souls this week who have wandered from the fold. I always leave those lessons thinking, "What a miracle!" There are so many people here in Silay! What a miracle that we happened to talk to them.

That's one thing that I still think about every once and awhile. How many people there are in the world! And we are taught in the church (not sure if it's really scripture), that God never plans for any of us to fail. For every person, He plans that they will find the gospel and accept it. That is something that I cannot comprehend. I mean, we do weekly planning, daily planning and there always seems to be so many people and so little time! I go to the market and look at the people and am sad that they don't know what they don't know. But it's up to us to OYM them. That's the thing. What if it's part of God's plan that Sister Marriott will OYM this woman at the market on P-day. But then what if I don't?? Maybe the only next time she will be able to hear the gospel is in the Spirit World. What a shame, right? But it is good to know that everyone will get a chance. It's just that hopefully they will get a chance in this probationary state. OYMing is important. Sister Dumapias is a lot better at it than I am. But I'm working on it.

I got the pictures from Lexi this week of Anson. He is so big!! He's growing up so fast!

Mm, I just remembered. At one of the first visits that we had with a less-active member, they had a baby that wasn't sleeping well because of a stomach ache. The baby is only about a month old. At the end of the lesson, the father gave a super sweet prayer and prayed for the health of their baby. Then afterwards, they asked us to kiss the baby's foot! It's a superstitious tradition that the baby will sleep well or something. So we kissed the little foot of the baby! Haha! That was super fun and also sweet.

Love you all!

Sister Marriott


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