I am really thankful for...

Dear Family,

We had a good week, in Silay East ward! Sister Ann Marie Bautista was baptized! Her mom came to the church for the first time to watch her baptism. She must have had a good experience because she also came to church the next day with her grandson and daughter-in-law!

We had a little thanksgiving in our apartment. Sister R and Sister T bought rotisserie chicken (called lechon manok here) and I made mashed potatoes, which were chunky because it's hard to mash them when the only tools you have is a fork. But they were still yummy. Sister T said: "How could I live in America? There's no rice!" But Sister D really enjoyed the mashed potatoes and even said the next morning that it sat well in her stomach. :)

I am really thankful for......a lot of things. Right now I'm really grateful for Sister D. She's the best. I am also grateful to the Holy Ghost. Don't know what I would do without it.

Grocery shopping can be fun at the "tindahan" or market or can be boring at a super market that is basically like and to the super market safe way or similar store. I prefer food at the market, but we usually go to both. When we go to the market, you can just feel that you're in the Philippines!! It's so crowded, and...I'll be honest, dirty. Then of course there are people calling at us so that we will buy their products. There are a lot of vegetables, and then there is the meat section. Literally large pieces of meat hanging from a racks that look similar to our pot hanger rack that hangs from the ceiling. or sometimes they just have the meat on tables. Meat is expensive here. Poor people eat vegetables and cheap fish. If they're really poor, they only eat rice with salt or with soy sauce. In any case, they buy rice first and then buy "sud-an" (the food that they eat with the rice) after.

Thanks for your prayers! I love you all.

Sister Marriott


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